Salesforce shares fall despite better-than-expected earnings

Check out what’s being clicked on Salesforce reported better-than-expected results last quarter. The company says it has curtailed spending on cloud-based software products amid uncertain economic conditions. Salesforce shares fell more than 5% in extended trading. Shares are up more than two-thirds this year, hitting a nearly 16-month high in regular trading on Wednesday. […]

Rising costs erode buying power of Social Security earnings by 36%, report says

A recent Senior Citizen League study found that seniors will need an additional $516 a month to recover from the loss of purchasing power. (iStock) Inflation is easing, but rising costs are eroding the purchasing power of Social Security income by 36%, according to a recent report study By Senior Citizens League (TSCL). According to […]

Walmart, Home Depot earnings, Tesla annual meeting, debt ceiling crunch top week ahead

Dutch Masters, CEO of Carnivore Trading, Chief Market Strategist at Bullseye Options, Alan Nachman, and Needham Media Analyst, Laura Martin, on “Craman Countdown” by local bank turmoil Discuss whether the market is being held hostage. It will be another busy week for investors as the volatility of local banks continues and big companies invite investors […]

Disney’s earnings rise on theme park strength as streaming subscribers decline

Circle Squared Alternative Investments’ Jeff Sica joins Varney & Co. to provide his perspective on Disney stock ahead of the earnings call, weighing in on the writers’ strike. The Walt Disney Company reported an improvement in last quarter’s performance with higher revenue and nearly tripled net income. The company reportedly cut its losses on streaming […]

Bob Iger faces many hurdles as Disney set to report earnings

Walt Disney’s quarterly sales growth is expected to hit its lowest level in almost two years, with Bob Iger topping the list as he revives the company embroiled in a long-running strike by Hollywood writers. It highlights the hurdles facing CEOs. The results, due Wednesday, will be Iger’s first full quarter since returning in November, […]

CPI inflation data, Disney earnings and debt ceiling top week ahead

Greg Peters, Co-CIO of PGIM Fixed Income, Joins “Our Roundtable” to Address April’s Jobs Report, Economic Impact of May’s Federal Reserve Rate Hike, and Debt Ceiling Debate To do. Investors will continue to monitor the banking crisis next week, along with a major inflation report and some big gains. That’s because regional bank stocks, including […]

Wall Street climbs as investors cheer upbeat Apple earnings

Stocks surged on Friday, with Apple shares rising on strong results and U.S. jobs data showing a resilient labor market. The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 546.64 points (1.7%) to 33,674.38, its biggest daily gain since January 6th. The Nasdaq is up 2.3% of him and the S&P 500 is up 1.9% of him. However, […]

Apple’s second-quarter revenue and earnings come in above estimates

Primetime Partners Chairman Alan Patricoff weighs in on the AI ​​boom, discussing expectations for tech giants’ fiscal second quarter results in “The Claman Countdown.” Apple’s financial results, as reported for the second quarter on Thursday afternoon, beat expectations on both earnings and earnings per share (EPS). Net sales for the technology in the second quarter […]

Tech leaders mention AI almost 170 times during earnings calls: report

Cybersecurity attorney Leeza Garber provides insights on artificial intelligence regulation for “making money.” Artificial intelligence was a hot topic for some of the country’s biggest tech leaders on last week’s first-quarter earnings call, the report found. Leaders at Meta, Alphabet, Microsoft and Amazon made a total of 168 mentions of AI on last week’s earnings […]