Scientists Find An Unexpected Player In Earth’s Multimillion-Year Climate Cycles

The orbits of Earth and Mars rotate slowly, repeating every 2.4 million years. (representative) Our existence is governed by natural cycles, from daily rhythms such as sleeping and eating to long-term patterns such as the changing seasons and quadrennial cycles. leap year. Examination of seafloor sediments dating back 65 million years has revealed a previously […]

SpaceX Loses Starship Rocket During Re-Entry Into Earth’s Atmosphere

USA – Space – Aerospace – SpaceX – Starship The SpaceX Starship spacecraft will launch from Starbase in Boca Chica, Texas, on March 14, 2024. SpaceX on Thursday conducted the third test launch of Starship, the world’s most powerful rocket. SpaceX’s massive Starship rocket was “lost” during re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere during its third test […]

Scientists Solve Mystery Behind One Of The Earth’s Oldest Star Sand Dunes

Scientists used a technique called luminescence dating to determine the age of stardust In a groundbreaking study, researchers have finally solved the mystery surrounding the age of Earth’s largest sand dunes.according to BBC, Also known as “star dunes” or “pyramid dunes,” these dunes are named for their unique shape and can reach several hundred meters […]

Lunar lander will burn up in Earth’s atmosphere after failed moonshot

An American company's lunar lander will soon burn up in Earth's atmosphere after a failed launch to the moon. Astrobotic Technology announced that its lander is currently returning to Earth from near the Moon. Company officials expect the mission to conclude Thursday. Astrobotic is working with NASA to track the lander's path and said it […]

Only one type of alien life-form could make it to earth’s doorstep, expert argues

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The length of Earth’s day is not set in stone and may surprise you

Simply put, 24 hours represents one full day on Earth, or 1,440 minutes, or 86,000 seconds. However, it turns out that the 24-hour mark is not completely accurate and is an estimate. That’s because the length of a given day is determined by how long it takes for the Earth to rotate once. What causes […]

Earth’s Photo Of Day And Night Split In Half Released By European Space Agency

Two Latin words, meaning “equality” and “night,” make up the word “equinox.” The European Space Agency (ESA) on Saturday released a satellite image showing the Earth’s surface divided in half between day and night. The image posted on X (formerly Twitter) shows the sun passing through the celestial equator in the sky, bringing fall to […]

NASA predicts large asteroid impact could be in Earth’s future

The related video above is an interview with a NASA astronaut about his long stay in space. (WTAJ) — NASA scientists predict that asteroid Bennu could impact Earth in the future, impacting an area the size of Texas. Bennu is a near-Earth object (NEO) that passes close to Earth approximately every six years, and experts […]