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Colby Covington easily beats down ‘virgin’ Kaz Sawyer

Former UFC interim lightweight champion Colby Covington accepted a challenge from a TikTok influencer and hilariously defeated the young star. Covington agreed to face Kaz Sawyer, a 23-year-old content creator with 9 million followers on TikTok. Followersand has nearly 2 million more followers. Instagram. “Today we’re sparring!” Covington yelled at the start of the video. […]

Tom Cole easily defeats House challenge in Oklahoma

Incumbent Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) easily avoided a runoff in Oklahoma after defeating a crowded field of GOP candidates, including a wealthy self-funder vying for his House seat. Cole, who chairs the powerful Appropriations Committee in the House, received 67% of the vote with 25% of ballots counted when the primary was called. Meanwhile, insurance […]

How to easily enable, disable autofill on your Android

Let’s be honest, having your passwords filled in automatically is a real timesaver. But it can also be a bit unsettling when your phone seems to know your login credentials all too well. Love it or hate it, Android’s password autofill feature is here to stay, and the good news is that you have full […]

NJ Rep. Bill Pascrell easily defeats Mohamed Khairullah in primary

Longtime Rep. Bill Pascrill (D-N.J.) on Tuesday defeated an anti-Israel New Jersey mayor in the Garden State’s 9th District Democratic primary, a contest that centered on the conflict over Israel’s war with Hamas. Pascril, 87, was elected as the Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives, defeating Prospect Park Mayor Mohamed Khairulla by a 54-point […]