New fund rejects ‘woke’ investing as it touts ‘EIG’ economy

The new fund, which aims to capitalize on opportunities missed by ‘wake-up’ investments, has attracted prominent backers, even from conservative political circles. $150 million fund launched by Capital of 1789 In contrast to the ESG criteria (Environmental, Social and Governance) that have come to dominate Wall Street, the company has created a new paradigm called […]

‘Naive Globalism’: Conservative Group Calls For ‘Hard Break’ From China’s Economy

Conservative economics think tank American Compass released Thursday a new paper on the end of existing economic ties between the United States and China. american compass “Hardware” from the Chinese economy by cutting off investment activity between U.S. and Chinese companies, imposing tariffs on Chinese goods to balance trade, and protecting U.S. institutions from destruction […]

How do we navigate the growing gig economy?

The gig economy is here to stay. But it comes with some unexpected consequences. Based on contract or freelance work, not full-time gig economy Focus on making money with on-demand activities and services.This can be done through a sharing economy such as car sharingtransport as a service (via) uber and lift), rent out your home […]

Global economy faces ‘long road’ to recovery, OECD warns

Michelle Girard, Head of US NatWest Markets, provides insights on the labor market in Kudrow. of world economy The OECD said it was facing a long and fragile recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and the aftermath of Russia’s war in Ukraine, hobbled by chronic inflation and rising interest rates. In its latest economic outlook released […]

Commercial real estate crash still looming over US economy

Real Estate Entrepreneur Jeff Green Addresses Fears of Commercial Real Estate Collapse in “Klaman Countdown” commercial threat real estate market A crash is imminent in the already fragile US economy. About $1.5 trillion in commercial mortgage debt is due by the end of 2025, but rising borrowing costs, tighter credit conditions and falling real estate […]

World Bank warns global economy to slow sharply amid higher interest rates

CFA Penn Mutual Asset Management CIO Mark Hepenstall Discusses Consumer Price Index Reports, U.S. Recession Risks and the Outlook for the Labor Market as Companies Begin a Wave of Job Cuts . The World Bank said on Tuesday: global economic growth The economy slowed sharply in the face of rising interest rates, chronic inflation and […]

People Say Economy Is Poor Despite Good Personal Finances Due to News Coverage

On Friday’s episode of MSNBC’s “All In” program, White House deputy director of the National Economic Council, Bharat Ramamurti, argued that poll figures on individuals’ financial well-being were strong. be lower. ‘ and, ‘The news environment plays a role in all of this. “I just want to say this, but when you look at the […]

Decline of the Gig Economy Could Be Pushing Workers into Payroll Jobs

The decline of the self-employed gig economy will draw more workers into payroll jobs, Breitbart economics editor John Carney said in Friday’s debate on Larry Kudrow’s FOX business show. At the same time, the unemployment rate could rise, he said. The Labor Department’s jobs report released on Friday showed that the US economy added 339,000 […]

Biden’s Approval on Economy ‘Bad, Especially Relative to What He’s Achieved’ Due to Politics, Unease Largely ‘Driven by Inflation’ 

On Friday’s “AC360” broadcast of CNN, CNN senior political commentator and former Obama presidential adviser David Axelrod blamed political polarization and “anxiety” on President Joe Biden’s “economic The approval ratings are actually pretty bad, especially compared to his track record so far.” This is primarily due to inflation, and also due to the pandemic’s hangover. […]