Swing State Poll Shows Trump Trouncing Biden on Inflation and Economy

President Biden faces an American public that is far more trusting of his biggest political opponent on inflation and economic issues — issues that are likely to loom large on voters’ minds at the polls in November. A Cook Political Report poll conducted in partnership with Democratic and Republican strategy firms and released last week […]

‘Democrat Messaging Is Full of Sh-t’ Stop Ignoring the Economy

[WARNING: Adult Language] Democratic strategist James Carville said on the Politicon podcast that Democrats are losing young and black voters by ignoring the economy. “The generational theft that’s going on in this country is a crime of the first degree,” Carville said. “We wonder why young people aren’t coming home to the Democrats, why black […]

Battleground State Voters More Concerned About Economy than Abortion

A new poll finds the cost of living is defining the 2024 presidential election, with voters in battleground states backing former President Donald Trump and prioritizing the economy over abortion, Democratic President Joe Biden’s top campaign promise. Swing States Project Report release On Friday, a joint poll from the Cook Political Report, GS Strategy Group […]

Mark Cuban defends President Joe Biden, bashes Donald Trump on economy

Billionaire investor and TV personality Mark Cuban on Friday defended the state of the economy under President Biden and slammed former President Trump, arguing that Trump squandered the strong economy he inherited from President Barack Obama. After highlighting a graph on social platform X showing 12 consecutive months of positive growth in real wages in […]

Majority Of Americans Think US Economy Is In Recession, Poll Shows

A majority of Americans believe that the U.S. is currently in a recession, blaming the Biden administration for harsh economic conditions, according to research firm The Harris Poll. Around 56% of people surveyed thought that the U.S. economy was in recession, and 55% thought that the economy was shrinking, according to a poll conducted for […]

Americans Say Economy is in Trouble

Americans think the U.S. economy is in trouble, according to a new poll. Released by CBS News and YouGov, the poll found that 64% of those surveyed said the national economy is doing “fairly bad” or “very bad.” The survey found 56% disapprove of the job Joe Biden is doing as president. Those two figures […]