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Yet another sign this Rangers playoff run is eerily similar to 1994

New Yorkers have been talking for weeks about the similarities between this Rangers’ Stanley Cup chase and the 1994 chase that ended the franchise’s 54-year drought. From the Rangers winning the Presidents Trophy to the Knicks competing for simultaneous titles to earthquakes, solar eclipses, and OJ Simpson making headlines, people were already starting to take […]

Knicks’ incredible run eerily reminiscent of 1968-69 team

What you should see most are the faces of the children, teenagers, and fans in their early twenties. For them, this is all so new, so fresh, so unexpected. If you’re under 25 and happen to have grown up in New York as a professional basketball fan, if you’ve followed the Knicks, all you know […]

Videos of Hamas brutality toward Israelis eerily reminiscent of ISIS tactics

Jerusalem – As a bloody attack unfolded on Israeli soil on Saturday, jubilant Hamas terrorists saw bodies of civilians lying lifeless in pools of blood at city bus stops, elderly people being taken away on motorbikes, and Women and others uploaded brutal video clips of their activities on social media. Children piled into jeeps and […]

Man grills steak that looks eerily like Donald Trump

Long live beef? A Swedish man was shocked to see former President Trump’s mug staring back at him as he grilled a steak. This hunk of meat bears a somewhat eerie resemblance to Trump’s signature blond, puffy lips. “When I put the steak on the grill and started seasoning it with pepper, I realized it […]