Mother’s Day brunch choice: Try Eggs Benedict with tender prime rib

Whether it’s Mother’s Day or a get-together with loved ones, bring prime rib to your brunch table with these great recipes that are sure to wow a crowd. “Eggs Benedict has always been a special brunch recipe in my family, but this prime rib version makes it even better,” says the Minnesota-based cookbook author and […]

Bird flu is spreading to more farm animals. Are milk and eggs safe?

A bird flu outbreak in U.S. dairy cows has grown to affect more than two dozen herds in eight states, just weeks after the nation’s largest egg producer found the virus in its chickens. Health officials stress that the risk to the public is low and that the U.S. food supply remains safe and stable. “At this time, there […]

Alabama man arrested for fentanyl pills, cannabis hidden inside of Easter eggs

An Alabama man was caught red-handed in possession of an Easter egg filled with about 200 fentanyl pills instead of chocolate candy. The Colbert County Sheriff’s Office announced in a Facebook post that agents from the county’s drug task force arrested 29-year-old Jamarius DeQuan Qualls on April 1 at approximately 11:45 a.m. Police soon learned […]

RETRACTED: White House Bans Religious Easter Eggs From Art Contest

Retraction notice:  Following the publication of this article, the Daily Caller became aware of additional context that undercut the central assertion of this article and its newsworthiness. The ban of religious symbolism on eggs as part of the White House Easter egg activities has been longstanding, dating back decades, and the Biden administration did not […]

How to turn excess egg whites into brown-sugar meringues – recipe | Eggs

aAs a root-to-fruit cook, I like to practice what I call complete consumption, and whenever possible I like to eat the whole ingredient, including roots, skins, stems, leaves, and everything in between. My ultimate goal is to use up all the ingredients in one dish without leaving any by-products. While it’s easy to simply chop […]

Cost of Eggs, Chocolate Soars as Holiday Approaches

Easter prices are nearing historic highs as inflation and supply chain issues drive up the prices of holiday staples like eggs and chocolate. The average price for 12 eggs is about $2.99. data Retrieved from the Federal Reserve by USA Today. Although this figure is lower than the average price of $4.82 that consumers paid […]

Price of eggs, milk, steak up since Biden took office

Piper Sandler, managing director and senior economist, weighs in on Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s comments on interest rate cuts, discusses consumer spending, and reacts to unemployment claims numbers. Economic reports continue to show that inflation is falling from painful peaks in recent years. But the high prices many Americans still face at grocery stores remain […]