Would a Ukraine stalemate elect Trump president?

Korean War. Vietnam War. Iran hostage crisis. Indeed, Russian heavyweight Vladimir Putin and his Chinese allies have studied his three major stalemate in the post-World War II era. Cuban Missile Crisis. Afghanistan. Fall of the Berlin Wall. Indeed, President Biden and his Western allies have been studying his three international debacles of Russia that have […]

Psychedelic Medicine PAC seeks to elect leaders who support pro-psilocybin reforms

The Political Action Committee (PAC), created to defend the use of psychedelic drugs in the country, aims to elect a leader who will support pro-psilocybin reform. NBC News report Monday that the newly created Psychedelic Medicine PAC wants to elect a leader to support the therapeutic use of psychedelic substances such as psilocybin, ketamine and […]

Soros-Backed Group Helped Elect D.A. Allegedly Planning Trump Arrest

A group funded by George Soros helped elect Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who says former President Donald Trump plans to arrest him. “Bragg was elected in November 2021 with indirect support from left-wing billionaire George Soros. $1 million,” Breitbart News noted last year. The Color of Change PAC is a left-wing group. I will […]

Nevada Democrats oust incumbent, elect ‘unity’ candidate as party chair

The Nevada Democratic Party ousted incumbent party leader Judith Whitmer on Saturday in favor of moderate state legislator Daniele Monroe Moreno after years of turmoil within the state party. Monroe Moreno was elected by a vote of 314 to 99 as the first black female chairman of the Nevada Democratic Party, according to a list […]