Elementary Schools Ban Students From Talking About Weapons

According to WBZ News, when school opens next week in Somerset, Massachusetts, elementary school students will face new rules that ban speaking or gesturing with weapons. There are no penalties for such conversations or gestures, but children are not allowed to mimic hand-to-hand gun use or talk about other weapons such as knives in school. […]

Elementary School Bus Crashes: 1 Dead, 23 Injured

(Photo Credit: Joe Radle/Getty Images) Abril Elfie of OAN1:05 PM – Tuesday, August 22, 2023 A school bus crashes in Dayton, Ohio, killing one student and injuring 23 others. advertisement A Northwestern Regional School District bus carrying 52 children collided and overturned on Tuesday, killing one student after being thrown from the vehicle. Twenty-three other […]

Texas elementary school teacher arrested for allegedly transmitting child pornography

A teacher who worked with dyslexic children at an elementary school in Flint, Texas, was arrested this week on suspicion of transmitting child pornography. The Montgomery County No. 1 Precinct Police Officer’s Office said the arrest of Fabrizio Orague follows a two-month investigation. Olag is suspected of transmitting explicit content involving minors, the constable’s office […]

4th Graders Read ‘Pride’ Book at Virginia Elementary School Event

The video shows a fourth grader at an elementary school in Charlottesville, Virginia, reading a book titled “Books.” ABC pride at an event. A video obtained by The Daily Signal shows a young girl from Johnson Elementary School using a microphone to read out the meaning behind the words LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer). […]