GOP lawmakers want to eliminate passport backlog with sweeping reform bill

First appearance on Fox: Two Republican senators are spearheading a sweeping reform bill aimed at eliminating passport processing backlogs that consistently pose difficulties for Americans wishing to travel abroad, but the bill is on the way to President Biden’s desk. It is thought that there is a high possibility that it will arrive. Rep. Darrell […]

Israel Can’t Do Much More to Protect Civilians and Still Eliminate Hamas

On Monday’s “CNN News Central,” CNN Military Analyst and former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Wesley Clark (retired) said the goal of avoiding civilian casualties and eliminating Hamas and “blame” He said there was not much more Israel could do. Must be placed in Hamas. All they have to do is surrender, unconditional surrender and it […]

Proposals to eliminate duty-free imports are akin to levying new taxes on Americans

Cyber ​​Monday is the world’s biggest online shopping day. Year. In 2022, Americans will $11 billion Just a few bucks on Cyber ​​Monday. But a number of new proposals to restrict trade could raise price tags and limit the bargains of Cyber ​​Monday deals. Cyber ​​Monday and holiday sales typically offer deep discounts to consumers, […]

Musk says AI will eliminate the need for humans to work, but at what cost?

Elon Musk Said British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said in an interview published on November 2 that AI will eventually eliminate the need for human labor. Two days later, Musk’s xAI Corporation announced the rollout of a “spicy” alternative to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The company’s new virtual assistant is apparently a not-so-distant predecessor to the Master, […]

Israel Says Will “Find And Eliminate” Hamas Gaza Chief

“We will find Sinwar and eliminate him,” Yoav Gallant said. (File) Tel Aviv, Israel: Defense Minister Yoav Galant vowed on Saturday that Israeli forces would “find and eliminate” Yaiha Shinwar, the leader of the Palestinian organization Hamas, in the Gaza Strip. “We will find and eliminate Sinwar,” Yoav Gallant told a news conference as Israeli […]

SEAN HANNITY: Israel will eliminate Hamas from this earth

Fox News host Sean Hannity recalled: israel war About “Hannity.” Sean Hannity: Ultimately, here’s what you need to know: Israel will eliminate Hamas From this earth. They will win, because their very existence now depends on it. They are also willing, and perhaps even able, to eliminate Hezbollah in the north in a two-front battle […]

Anti-Israel slogans — including one viewed as call to eliminate Jewish state — projected on library wall at prominent college. Then campus police show up.

Members of Students for Justice in Palestine projected anti-Israel slogans, including some deemed to call for the elimination of the Jewish state, on the exterior wall of the George Washington University library on Tuesday night. That was until campus police showed up along with school administrators to stop the act. What are the details? The […]