How to empower fathers in the fight for mothers’ lives

How is it possible that in the richest country on earth, giving birth is too often a death sentence? new data According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics, the United States is now most dangerous place It is one of the most fertile high-income countries and has the […]

‘Empower Hotline’ launched for parents to report educators teaching CRT, gender ideology in Arizona public schools

Last week, Arizona Superintendent Tom Horn (R) announced that the state’s Ministry of Education Launched an “Empowerment Hotline” for parents to report public school educators who teach students critical race theory, gender ideology, and other “inappropriate” lessons. KPNX-TV report. Democratic Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs claimed that CRT was not taught in the state’s public schools. […]

UN to push religious communities to ‘fully comply’ with human rights law to ’empower’ LGBT+ people

Respondents were asked to indicate policies or laws that protect discriminatory religious practices. One question asked, “What are the main trends and significance of discriminatory or abusive practices by individuals who provide goods and services in public to LGBT+ and gender-diverse people who rely on religious narratives?” What are some good examples?” The report’s findings […]