Ronny Mauricio’s ‘D’ since change may enable Mets call-up

DENVER — The Mets have brought three-quarters of their foreboding offense to the major leagues this season, but what’s missing? Francisco Alvarez and Brett Batty have contributed significantly to the club since being recalled from Triple-A Syracuse, while Mark Vientos has made a positive impact on the Mets in limited playing time. Exhibition D is […]

VR ‘Smell-o-vision’ may enable users to detect dozens of odors

Eureka! Scientists are advancing virtual reality technology to allow users to not only see but also smell 3D augmented environments. Engineers from Beijing Aeronautical University in China and City University of Hong Kong have created a futuristic headset that can emit 30 different scents to the wearer, including coffee, mojito, pancake, and ethanol. According to […]

How to enable Voice Isolation for clearer phone calls

Are you struggling to communicate on the phone because of the noise around you? Have you ever made an important call where the background noise was so loud that the other party could barely hear you? With Apple’s latest iOS 16.4.1 update, you can take advantage of the new Voice Isolation feature now available for […]

‘Discovery’ reforms enable drunk drivers — yet no fix is on the table

Most of all, New York’s misguided criminal justice ‘reform’ is for… drunk drivers. But fixing it isn’t even on Albany’s table. Nearly half of all DUI offenses in Manhattan were dismissed last year. That’s five times his rate before the new “discovery” laws took effect, significantly increasing the pretrial paperwork burden for prosecutors. Courts dismissed […]

California GOP assembly leader says new law would ‘encourage and enable human trafficking’

Does Newsom allow street prostitution in LA? “Journey Out” Case Manager Erin Wilson and National Sexual Exploitation Center Deputy Director Stephanie Powell discuss how they’re helping prostitutes in Los Angeles on “Jesse Watters Primetime.” California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom last year repealed a law against loitering for the purpose of prostitution. Now, Golden State Republicans […]