Miami Zoo cancels kiwi encounters after outrage from New Zealanders

America’s zoo has taken a crouched apology, admitting it made a “grave mistake” that angered the entire nation. A paid encounter with Paola the kiwi by the Miami Zoo recently went viral online, with the bird being shy and nocturnal, and despite being shy and nocturnal, it has been touched and selfies taken in broad […]

Biden admin touts 70% drop in migrant encounters post-Title 42, bucking predictions

The Biden administration has touted a sharp drop in immigration numbers at the southern border following the expiration of the Title 42 public health order, but those numbers are down by almost 70% and the locks will be closed once the order ends. Exceeded expectations of opening. The Department of Homeland Security said the number […]

Title 42 mania undercut by drop in encounters

The frenzy that began over the end of Title 42 has so far been unsuccessful. The end of the policy resulted in a pause rather than a rush to meet migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border. In the week before pandemic-inspired policies come to an end, the media run countdowns, surge coverage at the border, politicians […]

Southwest border encounters see early drop following end of Title 42

Since the lifting of Title 42, which allowed immigrants to be quickly deported without granting asylum claims during the pandemic, border encounter rates have plummeted in the past few days. Title 42 was lifted late Thursday night and many expected more immigration at the border, but that didn’t materialize in the first few days. U.S. […]

Secret Service Encounters Tiny Intruder After Breach At White House

A toddler climbed through the White House fence on the north side on Tuesday, prompting the Secret Service to retrieve the child. Officers from the Secret Service Uniform Division walked across the north lawn to retrieve a small intruder running on the property, Associated Press reportAccess to the complex was temporarily restricted until officers reunited […]

Border Patrol terror watch-list encounters on track to outpace last year’s record

New data released this week by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) show that the number of people encountered by Border Patrol agents at the southern border between ports of entry is on pace to surpass last year’s record numbers. increase. Agents stopped 16 people on the FBI’s terror watch list who crossed illegally at the […]

Bob Irwin warns against croc encounters social media trend

Australian conservationist Bob Irwin has warned that filming crocodile encounters for social media likes is “blatant stupidity”, saying he and other wildlife advocates , calls for severe penalties for those who deliberately come into contact with deadly reptiles. The 83-year-old father of the late ‘crocodile hunter’ Steve Irwin fears recent videos posted online could lead […]

Florida beachgoers detail unexpected encounters with nudists

Some Florida beach-goers have had unexpected interactions with nudists. “There’s a big fat man lying like this,” said one woman FOX 35 Orlando. “I don’t want to see that!” A surprise encounter is happening on a popular sandy beach in Brevard County, part of the Canaveral National Seashore. “It was uncomfortable. She had her eyes […]

Homeowner with Pistol Encounters and Shoots Alleged Intruder

A homeowner in Kingsport, Tennessee opened fire around 8 p.m. Wednesday night after encountering an alleged burglar. SuperTalk929 report Homeowners found that “individuals left their homes and approached in ways that made residents fear for their safety.” A homeowner armed with a “pistol” shot the alleged intruder. WJHLMore I got it The alleged intruder pointed […]