Trump’s Policies Cut Illegal Immigration, Biden’s Encourage Inflow

Former President Donald Trump’s policies at the U.S.-Mexico border helped deter illegal immigration, but President Joe Biden’s policies are driving record influxes, new research suggests. of studyA study conducted by the Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University compared the size and scale of immigrant caravans under the Trump administration to those under the […]

Activists plant empty tents to encourage homelessness in Portland, drug counselor says

Portland, Oregon – One tent sat apart from the others on a sidewalk strewn with tarps, bicycles and discarded food containers. The rainfly had been removed, revealing an empty interior. “This is an empty tent built by activists to encourage people to live in tents,” said Kevin Dahlgren. Kevin Dahlgren, a drug and alcohol counselor, […]

Michigan regulators encourage public comment on power outages

State regulators want to hear complaints from Michigan residents who lost power during the recent storm across the Lower Peninsula. The Michigan Public Service Commission, which sets fees and other policies that affect utilities, announced two town hall-style meetings on March 20 in Jackson and Dearborn. Another meeting will be streamed live on Microsoft Teams […]

California GOP assembly leader says new law would ‘encourage and enable human trafficking’

Does Newsom allow street prostitution in LA? “Journey Out” Case Manager Erin Wilson and National Sexual Exploitation Center Deputy Director Stephanie Powell discuss how they’re helping prostitutes in Los Angeles on “Jesse Watters Primetime.” California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom last year repealed a law against loitering for the purpose of prostitution. Now, Golden State Republicans […]