Charlamagne tha God Refuses to Endorse Biden

Charlamagne Tha God, host of SiriusXM’s “The Breakfast Club,” said on ABC’s “The View” on Wednesday that he won’t support Joe Biden for President because “both candidates are trash.” Co-host Sunny Hostin said, “You have a huge platform that reaches millions of listeners and you and I have spoken about this before. You endorsed Joe […]

Rapper Cardi B won’t endorse Biden in 2024: ‘Layers of disappointment’

Rapper Cardi B revealed in a recent interview that she won’t support President Biden or 2024 Republican nominee Donald Trump because she feels people have been “betrayed.” The rapper said he still believes President Trump is a threat, but feels “layers of disappointment” under the Biden administration, citing the high cost of living and lack […]

Rapper Cardi B won’t endorse Biden in 2024: ‘People got betrayed’

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‘Republicans’ who endorse Biden aren’t Republicans at all

In anticipation of what will likely be another major liberal media narrative during this election cycle, it must be said: Republicans who support President Joe Biden are not Republicans in any meaningful way. This was an obnoxious media narrative in 2020, which saw Biden trot out several former Republicans at the Democratic National Convention so […]

Why did a powerful veterans’ PAC endorse Harry Dunn, phony ‘hero’ of January 6?

Juan Dominguez, a West Point graduate and Gulf War veteran, is not happy about this. voting veterinarian A political action committee’s decision to endorse former U.S. Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn. Unlike Mr. Dominguez and at least two other candidates in the crowded Democratic primary for Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District, Mr. Dunn is not a […]

Will Nikki Haley do the right thing and endorse Joe Biden?

Your actions, Nikki Haley. The clock is ticking. When are you planning to support Joe Biden for president? Haley is the last major candidate in this year’s Republican primary who refused to bow down and endorse former President Donald Trump. Her veto has power because she still has influence over voters. In last month’s Pennsylvania […]