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Slovak PM Who Survived Shooting: Trump Enemies Incited Assassination

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, who was seriously injured in an assassination attempt in May, said the attack on Trump was “exactly the same” scenario and blamed a hostile media and Trump’s political opponents for creating an atmosphere of hatred. The populist prime minister of Slovakia, who only recently came to public attention after being […]

Biden’s new standard: Law for enemies, immunity for friends

Joe Biden Attacked the Supreme Court The Supreme Court ruled last week on President Donald Trump’s immunity, in a brief, nationally televised address in which he said, “We are all equal before the law. No one, not even the President of the United States, is above the law.” [With] Today’s Supreme Court decision on presidential […]

The Dollar And Its Domestic Enemies

Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes Upping the ante following the initial weaponization of the dollar in 2022, the United States and a number of allied nations have agreed in principle to begin distributing profits on seized Russian assets to Ukraine. Interest payments on securities in which hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Russian foreign exchange reserves […]

Why Glenn Beck is on a US-funded Ukrainian ‘ENEMIES’ list

The Ukrainian publication listed dozens of U.S. politicians, activists and media figures for allegedly spreading Russian disinformation or making anti-Ukrainian statements. Glenn Beck And Blaze Media created the list, with an article titled, “Roller Coaster: From Trump Supporter to Communist. How and Why the U.S. is Blocking Aid to Ukraine.” The list included 388 people […]

State Dept-Tied Ukraine Site Puts Trump, Breitbart on ‘Enemies List’

A Ukrainian online media outlet with ties to the US State Department has published an “enemies list” of American activists, media figures, outlets and politicians who oppose pouring more tax money into the war, including former President Donald Trump and Breitbart News. a report The article was published by the Ukrainian DATA Journalism Agency (TEXTY).Roller […]