Cummins braving debt ceiling jitters with $275M engine filter unit IPO

Check out what’s being clicked on Diesel engine maker Cummins is set to bring an engine filtration unit to market on Friday, breaking a recent initial public offering draft. Cummings on Thursday priced the unit’s IPO to raise about $275 million, bucking volatile markets rocked by uncertainty over the U.S. debt ceiling deal. Atmus […]

Plane Carrying Students Lands After Losing Engine

Passengers had a terrifying and unbelievable experience on Tuesday during an interisland flight from Molokai, Hawaii. Passengers tried to stay calm when the Mokulele flight lost its engine mid-air and everyone heard a loud noise, but that proved difficult.Hawaii News Now report Thursday. Molokai Middle School Vice Principal Iolani Kuoha was escorting young students to […]

Brave Search Engine Ditches Bing, Achieves Self Reliance

Privacy-focused search engine Brave has announced that it will no longer rely on third-party solutions such as Bing, and will use its own index exclusively. TechCrunch report That Brave, web browser company Known for its commitment to user privacy. Search engine This marks an important step in the company’s progress towards independence.and Recent blog posts, […]

Google Races to Develop AI-Powered Search Engine as It Falls Further Behind Competition

Google is reportedly in a rush to release its AI-powered search engine project as soon as possible to catch up with Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing search engine, which was built in partnership with ChatGPT’s powerful OpenAI. I’m in according to recently new york times reportGoogle is rushing to develop a new AI-powered search engine and update […]

Google scrambles for new search engine as AI creeps in: report

Dr. Robert Marks discusses a Stanford survey in which 36% of researchers fear artificial intelligence could wreak a “nuclear-level catastrophe” on “Kennedy.” Google is reportedly in a rush to update its search engine and create an entirely new one in the face of threats from competitors using artificial intelligence on their platform. According to the […]

Google to Integrate Chatbot AI into Search Engine

Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently announced the company’s plans to integrate conversational AI into its search engine in a race against chatbots such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing. of wall street journal report Google CEO Sundar Pichai says conversational AI capabilities will revolutionize the company’s dominant search engine. The move comes as the tech […]

Google to incorporate AI chat into its main search engine

According to Google bosses, Google is poised to bolster its search engine with fancy artificial intelligence features to allow it to interact with users in a more conversational and human way. CEO Sundar Pichai said Google’s embedding AI into its ubiquitous search tool shows the company’s commitment to competing with Microsoft-backed OpenAI and others. “If […]

White House: Cummins to announce $1B investment in engine manufacturing network

Engine and alternative power maker Cummins will announce a $1 billion investment across its U.S. engine manufacturing network in Indiana, North Carolina and New York, according to the White House. The company’s announcement coincides with President Biden’s visit to the Cummins power generation facility in Fridley, Minnesota on Monday. This is part of his Investing […]

Blue Origin pinpoints engine nozzle as issue in September rocket failure

Blue Origin, a space company founded by entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, has identified an engine nozzle issue as the cause of a rocket crash in September. company said in director The company’s website on Friday said the nozzle experienced a “thermal-structural failure” and the rocket crashed into Earth shortly after takeoff. intended to be carried) was […]

Florida flight returns to Cuba after bird strike causes engine fire

(Photo by Kevin Deitch/Getty Images) OAN Deven BerryhillUpdated 11:47 AM PT – Monday, March 6, 2023 A Southwest Airlines flight from Cuba to Fort Lauderdale made an emergency return Sunday due to an engine fire. Southwest Airlines Flight 2923 suffered an engine fire reportedly caused by a bird strike en route from Jose Marti International […]