The war of words over Gaza makes the entire world less safe

The war between Israel and Hamas will end in the tragic and bloody land of Gaza. Meanwhile, the war of words continues in the United States, where distortions of language, from the simple to the profound, have been manipulated to discredit Israel. The distortion begins with the simple reluctance of some groups to call terrorism […]

Almost Entire Population Of US State Become Victims In Massive Data Breach

At least 1.3 million Maine residents were affected by a government data breach earlier this year, The Hill reported. A major cyberattack in May affected the MOVEit file transfer system, a software program used by many government agencies at the state and federal level, and potentially killed all 1.38 million people in the state. Names, […]

GM’s Cruise robotaxi company begins layoffs, recalls entire fleet

General Motors’ Cruise Company will begin laying off employees the day after its robotaxi company was shut down following a recall stemming from reports that driverless cars pose a public safety risk. did. Cruise announced Thursday the layoffs, which affected contract workers who help clean vehicles, charge vehicles and respond to customer support calls, a […]

‘CORRUPT MEDIA!’: Vivek Nukes The RNC’s Entire NBC Panel, Crowd Goes Nuts

Businessman Vivek Ramaswamy started by turning the tables on the NBC panel hosting the third Republican presidential debate. Ramaswamy was asked why he should be the 2024 Republican presidential candidate instead of former President Donald Trump. The businesswoman said Republicans are on a losing streak and said the blame lies with RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. […]

James Harden skipped the 76ers’ entire preseason slate

The 76ers’ preseason will come and go, but James Harden won’t be suiting up for a second. The star guard, who is in the midst of the latest NBA trade controversy, is away from the team due to personal reasons and will not play the first few minutes of the preseason against the Hawks on […]

Israeli Boy, 13, Buries His Entire Family, Murdered in Hamas Terror Attack

Ariel Zohar, 13, buried his entire family on Wednesday after they were killed by Palestinian Hamas terrorists in an Oct. 7 terrorist attack in Kibbutz Nahal Oz in southern Israel. Ariel was the only survivor. He had gone jogging alone that morning. This is Ariel Zohar. Today, he stood alone and buried his entire family […]