Esther Crawford jabs Elon Musk for mocking disabled Twitter worker

Recently fired Twitter executive Esther Crawford, who was notorious for sleeping on her office floor, appears to have accused her former boss, Elon Musk, of being “cruel.” “Brutal is the worst” Crawford tweeted Tuesday afternoon. Crawford said hours after Musk publicly trolled Haraldur Soleifsson, a fired Twitter employee based in Iceland who uses a wheelchair […]

Esther Crawford, Twitter exec who slept in office overnight, is fired

The Twitter executive who was seen in a viral photo sleeping on the floor of his headquarters was fired when Elon Musk imposed his “extremely hardcore” work culture, according to reports. Esther Crawford, a remnant from the old administration who reportedly gained Musk’s trust and leaned into the reclusive mogul’s tight inner circle, was given […]