‘Really Annoying’: Hollywood Legend Jodie Foster Teases Gen Z Over Their Work Ethic

Jodie Foster spoke about her experience working with Gen Z actors in an interview with the Guardian published on Saturday. The Oscar-winning actress shared her frustration with the casual attitude that Gen Z actors bring to work, the magazine reported. Exit. She recounted instances of late arrivals and even questioned the need for punctuality and […]

Mike Rowe says ‘the days are gone’ where work ethic used to be a virtue

Mike Rowe, host of “How America Works,” has long advocated for a strong work ethic, but he now warns that society's attitude toward the importance of hard work is at risk. Appearing on Wednesday's “The Story,” Lowe was criticized by some for an email Wayfair CEO Niraj Shah sent at the end of the year […]

An unemployment scheme to neutralize Americans’ work ethic

Hard work has always defined our nation and fueled our rise as a global economic power. America’s workforce was once synonymous with American greatness. But in 2020, our workforce was so decimated that even casual observers came to understand that the federal government cannot pay people to stay idle forever and not work. . So […]

Mark Canha defends Alonso, Showalter and work ethic of ex-mates

Mark Canha is no longer with the Mets, but on Tuesday he defended Pete Alonso, manager Buck Showalter and the team’s work ethic. The outfielder, who left his struggling club at the trade deadline to join the Brewers, is one of many players facing questions about what could have gone wrong for the Mets in […]

Brandon Nimmo counters Tommy Pham’s Mets work ethic diss

PHILADELPHIA — Tommy Pham may not have thought of the Mets as the hardest-working group of position players he’s ever been involved with, but one of the veteran outfielder’s former teammates echoes that sentiment. I have doubts about the relevance of “At the end of the day, results matter in this game,” Brandon Nimmo told […]

Quinnen Williams’ work ethic hasn’t changed since big Jets’ contract

Talking about money. So is Quinnen Williams. In other words, the $96 million extension Williams signed with the Jets in July didn’t create any new talent. Head coach Robert Saleh said: “His bubbly personality is still the same, but I haven’t seen any change in the sense that he puts the team first, practices absolute […]


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