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Educators, students get creative in evading book bans

Educators and students have found creative ways to get around book bans in states and schools across the country in recent years. Inside and outside the classroom, teachers, parents, and young readers with vested interests have complained that free versions of books have been pulled from shelves in schools in primarily Republican-led states because lawmakers […]

154 Democrats Oppose Criminal Penalties for Illegals Evading Border Agents

A majority of House Democrats this week voted against a bill that would impose new criminal penalties on illegal aliens who lead Border Patrol agents on dangerous high-speed chases. On Tuesday, there were only 56 House Democrats. I participated The Raul Gonzalez Agent Safety Act, passed by 215 House Republicans, would protect illegal aliens and […]

Secaucus mayor claims buses of migrants are evading Eric Adams’ order

New Jersey's mayor says migrant buses bound for New York City are stopping at his town and other stations in an attempt to circumvent New York's executive order regulating how and when migrants can be dropped off. . City. Secaucus Mayor Michael Gonnelli said Sunday that Secaucus police and town officials were informed by Hudson […]

The FDA must stop companies from evading upcoming new tobacco rules

Early next year, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is expected to issue a final rule banning the sale of menthol cigarettes and another rule banning the sale of flavored cigars. In October, the FDA sent out these two rules, saying that together they could prevent hundreds of thousands of premature deaths. Headed to the […]

Airbnb ordered to pay $835M after allegedly evading Italy taxes

Airbnb reportedly generated a whopping $4 billion in rental revenue in Italy, but failed to pay taxes on that revenue, prompting an Italian judge to accuse short-term rental giant Airbnb of tax evasion. A foreclosure order of approximately $835.5 million was ordered against &B. Airbnb has refused to collect the 21% mandatory Italian withholding tax […]