Ukraine examines North Korea missile debris from Russian strikes

Ukrainian prosecutors examined debris from 21 North Korean missiles fired by Russia to assess the threat. North Korea’s missiles appear to have a high failure rate, with about half losing their programmed trajectory and exploding in midair. North Korean missiles account for a small portion of Russia’s attacks in the Ukraine war. Ukraine’s State Prosecutor’s […]

Probe Underway As FBI Examines Allegations Of Complimentary Upgrades For Mayor Eric Adams

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating Democratic New York Mayor Eric Adams for allegedly receiving free upgrades from Turkish Airlines, the New York Times reports. The FBI is investigating Adams’ campaign financing, focusing on luxury airline ticket upgrades he apparently received from Turkish Airlines. according to In the New York Times. The scrutiny […]

South Korea examines Kim Jong Un’s lifestyle, spending habits

South Korea’s Unification Ministry tracks luxury goods imports into North Korea and has found a significant increase in wealth among the country’s elite. North Korea’s ruling Kim dynasty and other high-ranking figures have increased their consumption of designer imports and luxury goods. “North Korea appears to be introducing luxury goods worth hundreds of millions to […]

FBI examines remnants of Chinese spy balloon

New images released by the FBI on Thursday showed federal agents investigating the wreckage of a Chinese spy balloon as the U.S. continues its efforts to assess how extensive the device’s surveillance capabilities are. was Members of the FBI’s Evidence Response Team were stationed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, overseeing an ongoing operation to recover […]