Get Trained! A Beginner’s Guide On How To Get Started and What To Expect

Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes Editors Note: There are multiple factors driving record firearms purchases. Certainly, the “summer of riots” in 2020, and the casual law enforcement response to it were important. The Covid pandemic and the “lock down” caused great concern. Then we have the Soros-funded DAs and the defunding of the police. First, […]

CBS reporter warns Americans to expect ‘surprises’ from Biden at presidential debate: ‘His physical performance’

CBS News reported Wednesday that Americans should expect “surprises” from President Joe Biden during next week’s presidential debate. Biden is spending the next week at Camp David with his closest and most trusted political advisers, planning “extensive preparations” before heading to CNN headquarters in Atlanta for the June 27 debate, according to CBS News senior […]

67% of Palestinians Support October 7 Attack, Expect Hamas to Win

A new poll by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Research (PSR) reveals that 67 percent of Palestinians still support the October 7 terror attacks and the same percentage believe Hamas would win a war against Israel. The percentage of Palestinians who support the October 7 attack has fallen by just 4 percentage points since […]

Don’t expect the frozen race between Trump, Biden to thaw any time soon 

The 2024 election has been a hot topic of conversation after conversation: indictments, convictions, revelations, gaffes, and the imminent demise (some say) of democracy. But over the past six months, the polls for President Biden and President Donald Trump have barely changed. At best, the polls have wavered. The election campaign has been dominated by […]

Voters expect Biden to forget where he is during debates: poll

A shocking new poll finds that half of American voters expect President Biden to again forget where he is in the upcoming crucial presidential debate, and more than a third expect him to disappear from the stage. A staggering 70% expect the gaffe-prone 81-year-old president to slip up during the TV debate, while 40% think […]

Expect ‘Merrily We Roll Along’ to steamroll through the Tony Awards

Tony Awards Aims for Depth with ‘Roll’ The Tony Awards are about to be announced, and the audience is going to sleep. Statuettes include “Prayer to the French Republic,” “Illinois,” and Christopher Diaz’s “Hell’s Kitchen.” It’s possible that New Jersey Senator Menendez’s wife, Nadine, hid tickets in her closet in an attempt to block these […]

Why Caitlin Clark doesn’t expect apology from Chennedy Carter

Caitlin Clark isn’t expecting an apology from Skyguard Chennedy Carter, but in her eyes, that’s okay. “Basketball is a competition,” Clark told reporters Friday before the Fever’s win over the Mystics. According to ESPN:“I get it. Sometimes emotions can get the better of you. I’ve been there a lot in my career. People are competitive.” […]

No AI skills on your resume? Expect lower salaries and fewer roles in the future

Major tech companies including Microsoft, Google and Amazon have all reported better-than-expected stock performance and point to AI as key to their success. Meanwhile, American chip provider Nvidia has overtaken Apple to become the world’s second-most valuable company with a market capitalization of about $3.1 trillion, thanks in large part to surging demand for its […]