Life expectancy data for US proves ‘experts’ are killing us

According to recent data from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, American public health “experts” have somehow managed to create the greatest crisis in recent history, one in which life expectancy in America plummets to its lowest point in nearly 30 years. I missed it. That is correct! The last time the average life […]

Biden’s life expectancy — and its implications

This is a very uncomfortable topic. But given that voters will elect a U.S. president within his 16 months, it has to be part of the discussion, and indeed it is already. What are the chances that President Joe Biden will live for a second term if he is re-elected? Of course, anyone, at any […]

US life expectancy growth falling behind dozens of countries: report

Life expectancy in the U.S. has fallen further and further in the last few decades, according to a new report. of study The disadvantage in U.S. life expectancy began in the 1950s, especially in the last 40 years for people in dozens of “globally diverse” countries, according to a paper published Thursday in the American […]

Life expectancy could grow 80% with anti-aging breakthrough

Want to stay young forever? Groundbreaking research may show how. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego conducted research to reprogram the cellular aging process. The study concluded that it was able to extend the lifespan of yeast cells by 82%, and claims that human cells can do the same. This research peer-reviewed journal […]

AI Develops Cancer Drug in 30 Days, Predicts Life Expectancy with 80% Accuracy

AI technology invented by scientists at the University of British Columbia and BC Cancer discovers a previously unknown therapeutic pathway for aggressive liver cancer, designing new drugs to treat it in the process succeeded in doing The team also deployed AI to analyze doctors’ notes to determine a patient’s life expectancy. AI prediction accuracy is […]

Lifelong Bachelors Have Lower Life Expectancy Than Married Men

Men who never “tie the knot” are more likely to die within about five years of being diagnosed with heart failure, compared with married or previously married men and women of all marital status. and more than twice as many, new research reveals. found. The American College of Cardiology announced Thursday a new study of […]


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