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US Doctor Extracts 150 Live Bugs From Man’s Swollen Face: Report

The man was admitted to the hospital due to swelling of his face and lips. A Florida man is recovering after a harrowing ordeal that left him with more than 150 live bugs living in his nose and sinuses. first coast news. The unidentified patient started feeling unwell in October and sought medical attention earlier […]

GOP senator extracts incredible excuse from Garland over ‘disparity’ in abortion-related FACE Act prosecutions

Attorney General Merrick Garland confirmed Wednesday that the Justice Department is prosecuting abortion advocates more than abortion advocates. During a tense Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Utah Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) confronts Garland over “disagreement” in DOJ abortion-related indictments under the Freedom of Access to Medical Clinics Act. bottom. “During the first few months of 2022 […]