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Rishi Sunak Ramps Up Fear Factor In Last-Ditch Election Push

Rishi Sunak has denied claims he has given up on winning. (File) Labour leader Keir Starmer has dismissed as “desperate” Rishi Sunak’s last-ditch efforts to stoke fears of a landslide victory for the opposition in Britain’s general election on Thursday, as the prime minister’s campaign becomes increasingly desperate to avoid a major defeat for the […]

Lifestyle, Politics Not a Factor in Hunter Biden Guilty Verdict Juror Says

Jurors in Hunter Biden’s gun trial have made it clear that neither President Joe Biden’s son’s lifestyle nor politics were factors in his conviction. “It was a shocking experience,” said the juror, known only as number 10. CNN The case of Joe Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, was not mentioned during the jury’s deliberations. […]

Could the Haley factor be Trump’s biggest obstacle by November? 

in spite of dismiss President Trump, who nominated Nikki Haley as his running mate, cannot ignore the “Haley factor.” What is the Haley factor? Someone who can attract more of the conservative and centrist voters that Trump is leaving behind. So why is this the Haley factor? Because she’s already winning those votes in states […]

Climate Change Key Factor Of Record-Low Antarctic Sea Ice: Study

Understanding the causes of sea ice melting is complex because there are many variables (typical ones) Climate change played a key role in last year’s record low levels of Antarctic sea ice, according to research published Monday, marking a sharp change from increases seen in previous decades. It has been found. Scientists at the British […]

Experts reveal major ‘downside’ to potential Trump VP pick: ‘No wow factor’

Editor’s note: This is the second in a series of profiles of 2024 Republican nominee Donald Trump’s running mate. Multiple election and election experts told Fox News Digital that the front-runner on former President Trump’s running mate list has major “downsides” that could make him a poor choice. . The competition among those hoping to […]

Biden’s Army Chief Can’t Explain Why Race Should Be A Factor In Recruiting

Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth could not explain in a hearing Tuesday why race should be a factor in recruiting when GOP Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana pointed out that race-based admissions occurs at just one of the Army’s three main sources of junior officers. Wormuth said she did not know whether race was […]

Yankees’ Gerrit Cole is a ‘motivating factor’ behind Clarke Schmidt

HOUSTON — Even if Clark Schmidt didn’t hone his pitching in the offseason, Gerrit Cole pushed himself to break through a career-high workload last season, so he’s ready to take a step forward this year. I believe that But Schmidt continued to tinker with his repertoire throughout the winter in hopes of taking his game […]