How to avoid apocalypse fatigue

Ever since climate change became an issue, communication experts have offered advice on how to talk about it. Is hope or despair the message that drives people to action? Too much gloom leads to apocalyptic fatigue And fatalism is born, but too much optimism feels unrealistic. The latest debate concerns President Joe Biden’s message. A […]

As fatigue grows and morale wanes in Ukraine, defeat is a real possibility 

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has recently been over a year old and I fear that the country is on the verge of losing to Russia. As someone who has visited Ukraine many times on humanitarian missions, my last visit confirmed that the country is at a pivotal moment. I saw it in my children’s eyes. […]

Gaetz Introduces’ Ukraine Fatigue Resolution’ to End U.S. Aid

Rep. Matt Gates (R-Florida) called on President Joe Biden’s administration on Thursday to end U.S. military and financial aid to Ukraine and urged all countries involved to reach a peace deal. Ukrainian Fatigue Resolution” was introduced. “The House senses that (1) the United States must end military and financial aid to Ukraine. (2) the House […]