How red states can stop the FBI’s political persecution in its tracks

“So what can you do to stop the FBI from arresting you just like they did? steve baker? ” asked her wife, with a pensive look on her face. She also has a point. I advocate more “inflammatory” ideas from an FBI perspective than his colleague Mr. Baker.Indeed, he was at the Capitol in JanuaryYouari […]

Rep. Issa demands release of FBI’s Chinese spy balloon probe

A full year after the US Air Force launched a Chinese reconnaissance balloon from the sky, the FBI’s forensic report on the plane’s surveillance capabilities remains shrouded in secrecy, prompting calls for ‘appropriate transparency’ from the Biden administration The Post reported that he was making blatant demands. . The giant balloon’s multi-day journey across the […]

FBI’s post honoring MLK flagged by X with fact-checking community note

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