900 American Workers at West Virginia Plant Laid Off After Feds Refuse Tariffs on China

Approximately 900 American workers at a factory in Weirton, West Virginia, lost their jobs after the federal agency denied the Commerce Department’s permission to impose tariffs on cheap tin imports from Canada, China, Germany and South Korea. The prospect of losing it. On February 15th, Cleveland Cliffs executives announced The company’s tin production plant in […]

Japanese crime boss busted for attempting to traffic nuke materials to Iran: Feds

The leader of a Japan-based criminal organization conspired to smuggle uranium and plutonium out of Myanmar, believing Iran would use it to make nuclear weapons, U.S. prosecutors alleged Wednesday. Federal officials say Takeshi Ebisawa, 60, and his associates were transported from Myanmar to Thailand by undercover Drug Enforcement Administration agents posing as drug and arms […]

Fed’s Barr says regulators more aggressive with banks, focused on interest rate risk

Kudlow panelists Kevin O’Leary, Kevin Hassett, and John Carney discuss inflation, bank failures, and credit card delinquencies. The Fed’s top regulator said this on Friday. banking regulator Over the past year, the rate of problems pointed out by banks has increased, and additional checks are being conducted on companies with large unrealized losses. Federal Reserve […]

US dollar to remain world’s reserve currency, Fed’s Waller says

Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes takes issue with the administration’s inflation policy regarding Mr. Kudlow. Christopher Waller Federal Reserve Board In his remarks Thursday, he outlined the rationale for the world to continue using the U.S. dollar as the primary reserve currency for international trade. “Recent commentary warns of possible decline in state status.” USD […]

23andMe’s crash has exposed Americans’ genes to Big Tech and the feds

When I first learned about percentages, my dad explained them to me through a family tree. “I’m half German, half Scottish, and half French. Mamasa Finn. So 25% German, 12.5% ​​Scottish, 12.5% ​​French, and 50% Finnish. It will be.” “51%, Finn!” my mother yelled from the other room. As usual, mom was right. Decades later, […]

Shares of Donald Trump-backed Digital World soar after feds finally clear Truth Social deal

The Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday cleared the way for a merger between blank check acquisition firm Digital World Acquisition Corp. and former President Donald Trump’s media technology company. digital world Said The registration statement for a proposed merger with Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), the operator of social media platform Truth Social, […]

Feds charge over 40 Boston gang members in sweeping case

Federal authorities announced charges Wednesday against dozens of members of the Heath Street Gang. Charges include drug trafficking, targeted attacks on rival companies, recruitment, and organized retail theft. The members are also accused of fraud totaling more than $900,000 due to unemployment and COVID-19 infections. Dozens of gang members who operated out of public housing […]


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