Mississippi city, PD violating Constitution by jailing people over unpaid fees: DOJ

Mississippi cities and police departments have been told by the Justice Department that it is unconstitutional to jail people for unpaid fines without determining whether they have the ability to pay them. A letter sent Thursday from the Department of Justice to the city of Lexington and the Lexington Police Department found that the current […]

Cohen: Trump’s ‘super ego’ has been deflated by $454 million legal fees

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, said he believes Trump’s “superego” has shrunk after receiving the hefty order and doubling his legal fees. CNN’s Laura Coates asked Cohen on Thursday’s show if he found it embarrassing that his former boss, businessman Judge Arthur Engoron, was currently sentenced to more than $454 million. Ta. exterior on the […]

GINN: How Biden’s War on ‘Junk Fees’ Hurts Americans

What the Biden administration wants is Credit card late fee limit Through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). But wait a minute. This can cause problems, especially for the person the rule is trying to help. C.F.P.B. Proposed rule to cap late payment fees for credit cards This may reflect well-intentioned efforts to strengthen consumer […]

New York Medical School Scraps Tuition Fees After $1 Billion Donation

All current fourth-year students will receive a tuition refund for the spring 2024 semester. new york: The parent organization of Albert Einstein College of Medicine announced in a statement that the New York medical school will eliminate tuition fees after receiving a “transformational gift” worth $1 billion from a wealthy benefactor. The charitable gift is […]

RNC member: ‘Totally misleading’ to spend campaign funds on Trump legal fees

A member of the Republican National Committee (RNC) said it is “totally misleading” that the committee would spend campaign funds on the legal costs of candidates, including former President Trump. RNC Commissioner Henry Barber of Mississippi introduced two draft resolutions over the weekend that would block the committee from paying Trump’s legal fees and ensure […]

Trump’s colossal legal fees are draining his campaign at the worst time

If President Joe Biden has any advantage heading into the 2024 presidential election, it’s that former President Donald Trump’s legal costs and contested primary elections are putting a significant strain on the Trump campaign’s finances. . Indeed, money plays an increasingly important role in political campaigns, especially presidential elections, and both Trump and Biden face […]

United Airlines raises checked bag fees effective Feb. 24

Captain Dennis Tajer destroyed Boeing’s safety culture after the Alaska Airlines cabin door incident. United Airlines announced Friday that it will increase baggage fees, following similar actions by American Airlines and JetBlue earlier this week. United Airlines announced in a statement to Fox News Digital that it is increasing checked baggage fees for customers traveling […]

United Airlines follows American, JetBlue in hiking bag fees

United Airlines announced Friday that it will increase fees for checked bags, following a similar move by American Airlines earlier this week. Domestic economy class passengers will be charged a $5 surcharge from tickets booked on Saturday. The price will now be $35 if you pay online at least 24 hours before your flight, and […]


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