California Fertility Clinic Sued For Allegedly Implanting Non-Viable Embryos

Nine couples have filed a lawsuit Tuesday against a California fertility clinic, People reported. Brooke Berger and Bennett Hardy, an Orange County, California couple, have reportedly filed a lawsuit against IVF provider Ovation Fertility. They are claiming an error during the IVF process destroyed their embryos. The couple is among nine who are suing the […]

Fertility Collapse Will Fuel Fight for Migrants

“Open immigration is essential to maintaining population size and economic growth,” says a study funded by Bill Gates. lancet This week he claimed to be predicting a dire future in which people in developed countries will rarely have children. Although the study acknowledges that the future is “difficult to predict,” it nevertheless reminds readers that […]

Global Fertility Rates To Plunge In Decades Ahead: Report

The report states that most of the world’s births will occur in poor countries. Paris: Fertility rates in nearly all countries will be too low to sustain population levels by the end of this century, and most of the world’s births will occur in poor countries, according to a study published Wednesday. This trend is […]

Fertility comedy ‘Scrambled’ avoids the hard questions

Early in “Scramble,” 34-year-old protagonist Nelly (Leah McKendrick, who also wrote and directed) receives a frank warning against fertility treatments. At her best friend’s wedding reception, Nelly, overjoyed by Molly, approaches her 40-something acquaintance Monroe (June Diane Raphael, in one scene), who was attending with her husband and her young daughter. meet. Unlike Nellie, Monroe […]

Alabama frozen embryo ruling will limit fertility treatments, critics say

The Alabama Supreme Court has ruled that frozen embryos can be considered children under state law, but critics say the decision has major implications for fertility treatment in the state. He pointed out that there is a possibility. The ruling was handed down in two wrongful death lawsuits brought by three couples whose frozen embryos […]

Colon cancer hits young adults, plus advances in home fertility and AI drugs

The photo on the right shows Brooks Bell, North Carolina, after chemotherapy. Her doctors initially dismissed her colon cancer symptoms because of her young age. She is now speaking out to raise her awareness. (Brooks Bell) You’re never too young – Brooks Bell was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 38 after doctors told him […]

China Hits Record Low Fertility Rates in 2023

China's National Bureau of Statistics released data for 2023 on Wednesday, revealing the population has declined for the second year in a row and the birth rate remains at a record low. The Chinese government blamed the population decline on the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, with its rising death rate and strict lockdown, but Reuters reports […]