Housing: Here's what it will take to buy a home this year – Yahoo Finance

Thinking of buying a new home in 2023? First, the bad news. Affordability remains a serious challenge for most buyers realtor.com. “Median house prices are 10% higher than they were a year ago, and mortgage rates are 100% higher than they were a year ago,” he said. Add an additional $800 to $1000 to your […]

Fed Set to Shrink Rate Hikes Again as Inflation Slows – Yahoo Finance

(Bloomberg) — Sign up for the New Economy Daily newsletter, follow @economics, and subscribe to our podcast. Bloomberg’s most read articles The Federal Reserve is set to again slow the pace of rate hikes next week amid signs of slowing inflation, but Friday’s jobs data showed stability for workers raising the chances of a soft […]

Chevron to Buy Back $75 Billion in Stock After Record Profit – Yahoo Finance

(Bloomberg): Chevron to buy back $75 billion in shares, pay dividends after a year of record profits when soaring energy prices weighed on consumers and sparked angry outcry from politicians around the world We are planning to increase the amount of money. Bloomberg’s most read articles The share buyback program will begin on April 1 […]