‘Financial underdog’ Larry Hogan trying to flip blue Senate seat as billionaire Democrat has given his own campaign $41 million

Maryland‘s open Senate seat contest is more competitive than expected, leading Democrats and Republicans from across the country to pour millions of dollars into the state. With Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) retiring from Congress, both Democratic and Republican candidates are spending millions of dollars just a month ahead from the state’s primary.  The top contender […]

Currency crisis pushes consumer groups from Nigeria – Financial Times

Many consumer groups on the front lines of the global cost of living crisis are assuring shoppers that the relentless price increases of the past few years will gradually slow as global inflation slows. But for Nigerian consumers, there is little relief in sight. Heineken-backed Nigerian Breweries has raised prices three times so far this […]

US high schoolers want financial education, but many schools don’t offer it: survey

Jordan Belfort, author of “Investing Wolves” about New York, argued for politicization, promoting financial literacy in schools, and the importance of college degrees. A recent study by Intuit found that U.S. high school students want to learn about personal finance in school, but many do not have access to such courses in school and parents […]

Trump floats rending Ukrainian financial aid in the ‘form of a loan’

Former President Donald Trump is considering a “loan” program for future aid to Ukraine if he becomes president. President Trump addressed the proposed funding form in a meeting with House Speaker Mike Johnson on Friday. “We’re looking at it now, they’re talking about it, and we’re thinking about making it in the form of a […]

How to invest without fear or FOMO – Financial Times

Just minutes after I was gloating about my £500,000 retirement package two weeks ago, my mum called to tell me that my dad had been hit by a motorbike and was in hospital. my pride. his downfall. I haven’t read the Old Testament, but I’m pretty sure Proverbs 16:18 says otherwise. A car ran a […]

NFL star Wale Ogunleye reflects on financial mistakes, warns current players

Former NFL star Wale Ogunleye uses his financial expertise to work with current and former professional athletes who want to avoid depleting their wealth. Former Pro Bowl defensive end Adewale “Wale” Ogunleye, who heads the UBS Sports and Entertainment business in wealth management, said he believes athletes are doing what he and many others have […]

Top commodities traders dismiss IPO route after bumper profits – Financial Times

Stay informed with free updates Just sign up for oil and gas industry myFT Digest — delivered straight to your inbox. Three of the world’s biggest commodity traders said their combined profits of $23 billion last year show they can continue to grow strongly without relying on public markets. Jeffrey Delapina, chief financial officer of […]

West Virginia won’t do business with 4 major financial institutions that reportedly ‘boycott’ fossil-fuel companies

West Virginia will no longer enter into contracts with four major financial institutions. reportedly They “boycotted” companies connected to the fossil fuel industry, a pillar of West Virginia’s economy. On Monday, Republican state Treasurer Riley Moore, now run for parliamentannounced that the following banking institutions have been added to the state’s financial institutions list. List […]

Fidelity clawback of free ETF trading costs to hit investors – Financial Times

Stay informed with free updates Just sign up for Exchange traded investment trust myFT Digest — delivered straight to your inbox. Latest ETF news Please visit ETF hub To learn more and explore detailed data and comparison tools Fidelity plans to start charging investors a $100 exchange-traded fund purchase fee per trade if sponsors don’t […]


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