Trump vow to NRA if reelected: ‘No one will lay a finger on your firearms’

Former President Trump gave a new oath to members of the National Rifle Association (NRA) on Friday, promising to strengthen protections for Second Amendment rights if re-elected in November. “With me here at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I promise you that no one will ever lay a finger on your firearm. “It’s the same as the […]

Migrant gives middle finger after arrest for attacking police

An immigrant charged with assaulting two New York City police officers in Times Square on Wednesday brushed off reporters. (Stephen Hirsch/New York Post) A violent illegal immigrant arrested for participating in a mob attack on two New York City police officers turned on waiting reporters as he was released from custody Wednesday. Joan Boada, 22, […]

Biden DHS Celebrates Program Helping Illegals Finger ‘Bad Employers’

The Biden administration recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of a program that helps undocumented immigrants report violations of employment laws by U.S. companies and quietly grants them work permits and a type of backdoor amnesty. On January 17, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security, whose cabinet-level secretary is currently facing impeachment in the House of Representatives, […]

Hunter Biden gave Congress ‘middle finger’ and his alleged DOJ guardian ‘didn’t answer many questions’: Comer

WASHINGTON — Hunter Biden refused to appear for a deposition this week, giving Congress a “middle finger.” Meanwhile, a former Justice Department official credited with protecting the eldest son and President Biden during the criminal investigation “did not answer many questions.” House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said Friday. Mr. Hunter, 53, spoke outside the […]

Behind-the-scenes clip emerges of BBC anchor flipping middle finger

A newly released behind-the-scenes video reveals what happened just before the BBC News anchor went viral for flashing his middle finger during a live broadcast. The 13-second clip, published on You can see what he's saying. With a grin on his face, Moshiri first spreads the fingers of both hands, then bends them one at […]

Chargers’ Justin Herbert has fractured finger

ENGLEWOOD, Calif. — Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert broke his right index finger in the second quarter of Los Angeles' 24-7 loss to the Denver Broncos on Sunday, ending his 62nd straight regular season start in a short week. The record was in jeopardy. For his struggling team. Manager Brandon Staley said the Chargers' medical staff […]


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