Biden Proposes Nearly $2 Billion More for ATF in Fiscal 2024

President Biden’s fiscal 2024 budget proposal adds about $2 billion to the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Control Agency (ATF) budget. The proposal to replenish the ATF comes at a time when some in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives are calling for the ATF to be abolished, while others are pushing to abolish an ATF […]

Biden’s claim that Silicon Valley Bank bailout wouldn’t cost taxpayers contradicts fiscal reality: economist

Tennessee Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn discusses the economic impact following the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, in addition to manufacturers’ recent warnings against Biden’s washing machine regulations. of Biden administration argue that the steps taken by FDIC regulators to protect customers amidst the historic failure of Silicon Valley Bank will come “at no cost” to taxpayers, […]

Biden’s ‘Failed’ Fiscal Policies, Rising Interest Rates Led to Silicon Valley Bank Crisis

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California) reportedly said on Monday night’s House GOP conference call that President Joe Biden’s “failed” fiscal policies and rising interest rates would lead to the collapse of Silicon Valley banks. He said he was connected. House Republican Conference hold McCarthy private call with House Financial Services Committee Chairman Rep. Patrick McHenry […]

How to avoid financial Armageddon and restore fiscal accountability 

“Public debt is a public curse” James Madison wrote in a letter to Henry Lee in 1790: At the time, the new American government was struggling to repay her $75 million debt to France, a country that had its own problems coping with an increasingly violent revolution. Could Madison have imagined how successful his experiment […]