Our Country Is ‘Really F**ked’ and He Says ‘We Can Fund Two Wars’

After supporting President Joe Biden in 2020, rapper Cardi B told her 169 million Instagram followers that she would never support the next aspiring president. why? America is in a recession, her hometown of New York has suffered massive budget cuts, and “the world is a mess,” she says. And U.S. leaders are imposing further […]

‘How I’m Antisemitic? I Just F**ked a Jewish B*tch’

A year after his career collapsed, Kanye West still seems unrepentant about his anti-Semitism. In his new single “Vultures,” which debuted on Friday, the rapper takes a nosedive at the controversy that nearly destroyed his music and fashion empire late last year. The lyrics in question appear about half way through the four-and-a-half minute song. […]

‘It’s Really F**ked Up What’s Happening Here … Is the Goal to Be Socialist?’

Music mogul David Foster’s daughters Erin and Sarah called California Governor Gavin Newsom (Democratic) “the worst” and accused him of trying to turn the Golden State into a socialist state. “Newsom is the worst, in fact the worst,” Sara said on Thursday’s show. episode of The world’s first podcast with Erin and Sarah Fosterand Erin […]

‘Sissy Porn Did Make Me Trans,’ ‘Getting F**ked Makes You Female’

The Pulitzer Prize this year highlighted the transgender issue by awarding the Criticism Award to transgender ‘woman’ Andrea Rong Chu for ‘her’ book review published in a magazine owned by Vox Media. was awarded. new york The magazine and its site, Vulture. But since announcing the award earlier this month, Chu’s award has sparked a […]

Bill Hader stopped signing merchandise after ‘f–ked up’ fan encounter

Bill Hader will ‘never sign’ again after an uncomfortable late-night encounter with a ‘Star Wars’ fan. Hader, who voiced BB-8 in 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, “Happy, Sad, Confused” Podcast After seeing a father use his son to get autographs, he stopped signing memorabilia. “You know what it was? I used to sign something, […]


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