Albany’s flawed new housing tax break just killed a magnificent Brooklyn project

Don’t expect Governor Hochul’s so-called 421-a tax abatement program alternative to encourage the construction of new housing in the same way its predecessor did. Two little-known provisions have already doomed plans for a grand Brooklyn waterfront project that was so popular that the City Council voted 48-0 to pass the required zoning changes three years […]

‘Fundamentally Flawed Legal Premise’: Jack Smith Fires Warning Shot At Judge Overseeing Trump Documents Case

Special Counsel Jack Smith rebuked the judge overseeing former President Donald Trump’s classified documents case on Tuesday for making a request he said rests on “fundamentally flawed legal premise.” Judge Aileen Cannon instructed both parties to file proposed jury instructions engaging with two scenarios involving the Presidential Records Act and its distinction between personal and […]

Special Counsel Jack Smith hits back at judge for ‘fundamentally flawed legal premise’ in Trump documents case

Federal prosecutors have rebuked the judge who handled former President Trump’s classified documents case in the Southern District of Florida, saying her potential jury instructions were a “fundamentally flawed legal premise.” claimed to be based on. In a court filing Tuesday, Smith said U.S. District Judge Eileen Cannon’s unusual request for prosecutors and defense attorneys […]

Kurzweil’s dirty shirt and flawed futurism fall flat

Ray Kurzweil made a rare appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast on Tuesday. For those who don’t know Kurzweil, he is an author and futurist employed by Google, best known for promoting the idea that: singularity. In Kurzweil’s dystopian future, humans can live forever by uploading their consciousness to computers. I certainly would. he also transhumanism […]

High and rising U.S. maternal mortality rates are due to flawed data, study shows

A new study finds that high and rising maternal mortality rates in the United States are due to flaws in data. Although the maternal mortality crisis in the United States indicates a high maternal mortality rate compared to other countries, this study found that Published on Wednesday The Journal of the American College of Obstetricians […]

Federal government has ‘flawed’ process for tracking foreign land purchases: Watchdog report

According to the recent Government Accountability Board reportthe federal government “Defective” process To track land purchases by foreign companies. The federal watchdog agency is entitled “Foreign Investment in U.S. Farmland: Stepping Up Efforts to Gather, Track, and Share Critical Information Could Better Identify National Security Risks.'' It released a report in January that found the […]

Imran Khan’s Party To Challenge ‘Flawed’ Verdict On Intra-Party Polls

Imran Khan's party says Pakistan's Election Commission has failed to do justice as per its orders islamabad: Pakistan's Tehreek-e-Insaf Party announced on Monday that it will challenge the Election Commission's decision to declare the intra-party vote unconstitutional and cancel its iconic “cricket bat” symbol in the Peshawar High Court. A five-member committee of the Election […]