Thousands Flee From Kharkiv as Russians Push Forward in Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Russian forces have launched a new ground offensive in northeastern Ukraine, killing several people and forcing more than 1,700 civilians to flee the Kharkov region, local officials said Saturday. It was announced on . Kharkiv region governor Oleh Sinievov said artillery, mortar and air strikes hit more than 30 towns and […]

Terrified kids flee alleged kidnapping attempt by trans sex offender: video

A disturbing video captures the moment a transgender sex offender allegedly tried to steal one of his children from a Colorado elementary school, leaving them screaming and running away in terror. Surveillance footage that led to the arrest of suspect Solomon Galligan, 33, was made available for the first time Monday to the families of […]

Michigan man caught after attempting to flee US to Hong Kong after fatal building explosion

The Michigan company owner whose home exploded in March, killing a 19-year-old and injuring a firefighter, was charged Thursday with manslaughter after authorities were alerted that he was attempting to leave the country with a one-way ticket. Hong Kong. The Clinton Township Police Department said in a press conference Friday morning that Noor was arrested […]

Anticipating Russian Spring Offensive, Kharkiv Residents Start to Flee

KHARKIV, Ukraine (AP) – A 79-year-old woman made the sign of the cross and clutched a cane as she left her home in a quaint village in northeastern Ukraine. Broken screens, shattered glass and scorched trees litter the garden of Olha Faychuk’s apartment in Lukyansi, north of Kharkiv. A cell phone with broken pieces was […]

Eight Allegedly Armed Jewelry Store Robbers Flee After Owner Pulls Shotgun

Eight armed jewelry store robbers fled Von Jewelry in Oakland on Wednesday after the 76-year-old store owner came out from the back of the store with a shotgun. ABC7 report The attempted robbery occurred in broad daylight around 12:30 p.m. Huon Jewelry is a family business, and his 69-year-old mother was working there at the […]

Dramatic Video Shows Woman Who Was Held Captive For Two Months Flee Alleged Kidnapper

Surveillance footage captured the moment a Florida woman escaped from her kidnapper after being held captive for more than two months, FOX13 reported Monday. According to authorities, the woman was allegedly kidnapped by Walter Medina, 48, who promised the victim food and drugs after finding her begging on the street. fox 13. FOX13 reports that […]