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The race to float tourists to the edge of space is heating up

Are you ready to sip a cocktail on the edge of space? Imagine viewing the curvature of the Earth from an altitude of about 25 miles, without the need for rockets or a space suit. That’s the promise of EOS-X Space, a Spanish company looking to revolutionize the burgeoning space tourism industry. Due to launch […]

Dems Float ‘Blitz Primary’ to Replace Biden, Would Enlist Taylor Swift

Two leading Democratic Party advisers are reportedly hatching a plan to replace President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election through a “lightning primary” before the party’s August convention. according to SemaphoresThe plan was created by Rosa Brooks, a former senior official in the Obama and Clinton administrations and now a Georgetown University law professor, […]

26 Barges Float Uncontrolled Down Ohio River, Bridges Shut Down

More than 20 barges broke loose from a marina in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Friday night, spiraling out of control and down the Ohio River, causing “extensive damage.” Mackies Rocks Bridge and West End Bridge are both temporarily closed. shutdown CNN reported that 26 vessels belonging to Campbell Transport Co., mainly carrying “dry cargo,” began heading […]

Bodies of 8 Chinese Migrants Float into Mexican Beach After Boat Capsizes

Mexican authorities have confirmed that eight bodies that washed up on a beach over the weekend were Chinese migrants. The group is believed to have drowned while traveling into the country after entering the country from Guatemala. The incident began Friday on the Oaxaca coast in an area known as Istomo de Tehuantepec, where several […]

Float series two – this poignant lesbian romance is packed with chemistry | Television

THis first series, “Float,” a young, small-town love story between two female lifeguards, won several awards and a loyal audience. Written by acclaimed playwright Steph Smith, this “microdrama” with six 10-minute episodes follows Jade (Hannah Jarrett-Scott), a seemingly straight colleague, Colette (Jessica -Hardwick), it becomes clear that it is also a romance. And the bigger […]

Biden to attack billionaires, float raising corporate tax during State of the Union

President Biden touted a massive corporate tax hike in his State of the Union address Thursday night, while targeting billionaires such as Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, as well as others. He plans to criticize wealthy Americans. Opinion polls show that voters disapprove of his handling of the economy, and Biden, […]

Republicans float booting Biden off ballots after Trump Colorado ruling

This infuriated some Republican officials. Colorado Supreme Court decides not to prosecute Donald Trump Those who left their states' primary votes are proposing to do the same for President Biden in their states. The Centennial State Supreme Court has concluded that the 77-year-old Trump's actions on January 6, 2021, “constituted clear, voluntary and direct participation […]

Democrats float deal to end House Speaker fight

A group of moderate House Democrats is offering Republicans a deal to end the bitter House battle to choose a new speaker. The House has been leaderless since Republicans ousted Speaker Kevin McCarthy in a coup last week. Multiple Republican chair candidates have so far been unable to form a cooperative coalition among their colleagues. […]