NYC’s best new selfies include ‘Alice in Wonderland’ flowers

Forget Washington Street in Dumbo or the top of the Edge. This sunny city is full of new, exciting and photogenic spots for photos that aren’t yet on Instagram. From bars to beaches, these venues offer fun day and night outings, and even more opportunities for social media fodder. please look. “Wonderland: Curious Nature” at […]

Border patrol warns of ‘importation of flowers’ for Mother’s Day weekend

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol wants to remind people of the restrictions and dangers associated with importing flowers to give as gifts for Mother’s Day. This includes “certain commodities imported from Mexico.” Mother’s Day is one of the busiest weekends of the year in the United States for flower sales and deliveries. Last year, it was estimated that Americans spent […]

Suspected Scammers Trick Unsuspecting Buyers With ‘Cat-Faced’ Flowers: REPORT

A suspected fraudster has appeared on an online marketplace selling flower seeds purporting to resemble a cat’s face, according to a fact-finding investigation. “Cat’s eye flowers are so named because the special arrangement of their leaves resembles a cat’s eye.” Description of a productPart of the item listed on eBay, called “Cat eye dazzle,” reads: […]

Affordable wedding flowers for your wedding day

Flowers can be a big part of your wedding expenses, but they don’t have to be. According to a 2023 study conducted by The Knot, the average cost of wedding flowers is $2,800. Many people go straight to artificial flowers to save money. Newly engaged? Use this timeline to plan your wedding from 12 months […]

Air pollution is altering the way flowers smell, confusing insects

Try smelling it. Airborne chemicals found in common fossil fuels can interfere with the pollination process, even changing the way flowers smell, a new study has found. While this may have some impact on people who are accustomed to stopping to smell the roses, the impact on insects, who are unable to find flowers to […]

Police Launch Investigation Into Baltimore Ravens’ Zay Flowers Over Domestic Assault Allegations: REPORT

According to the Baltimore Banner, Baltimore County police have opened an investigation into a domestic assault charge involving Ravens wide receiver Zai Flowers. Acton, Massachusetts police are also participating in the investigation. They reported that they acknowledged an incident report that cited domestic violence allegations involving Flowers that occurred last month in Baltimore County. banner. […]

Ravens’ Zay Flowers fined for taunt that started his nightmare drive

The NFL has fined Baltimore Ravens receiver Zai Flowers for provoking Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Rajarius Snead during last weekend’s AFC Championship Game. Late in the third quarter, after being tackled on a 54-yard pass play, a Ravens receiver pinned Snead’s shoulder to the ground and spun the ball near Snead’s face. The referee called […]