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University Granted £1.5 Million to Study ‘White-Centricity’ of Folk Music

Woke academics have been given almost £1.5m of taxpayers’ money to study the “white-centrism” of British folk music and how to “decolonise” the art form. Researchers from the University of Sheffield will set out to “examine the white supremacy of folk music repertoire, performers and audiences by conducting fieldwork that will shed light on long-standing […]

Who is John Poulakidas? Yale folk hero led upset win over Auburn

Folk heroes appeared out of nowhere during this period, and Yale’s John Poulakidas quickly cemented his status as a legend. Poulakidas scored 28 points on Friday, a day after Oakland’s Jack Goelke etched his name forever in March Madness history by leading No. 14 Oakland to a takedown for red-hot Kentucky. He led them to […]

Oscar-winning folk singer Buffy Sainte-Marie slams investigation into Indigenous ancestry

Buffy Saint-Marie denounces allegations that she lied about her Native American ancestry, Canadian Broadcasting Corporationinvestigation is “traumatic and unfair.” “This is incredibly re-traumatizing for me and unfair to everyone involved,” the Oscar winner said in a statement. to the hollywood reporter. Mr. Sainte-Marie’s comments are as follows. Released by CBC The investigative feature, titled “Making […]

Punjab’s Girl Brings Honour To India, Wins Big At World Folk Festival In Canada

Chuneja’s success in the dance industry started early. Punjab: A girl from Punjab has crowned India with a stunning display of cultural heritage at the 2023 World Folk Festival organized by the International Punjabi Folk Arts Association in Canada, Khalsa Vox News Agency reported. Purvika Chuneja, an alumnus of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) Agricultural College, […]