Maryland High School Athletic Director Arrested for Framing Principal as Racist Using AI

The athletic director of a Maryland high school was arrested Thursday on suspicion of using artificial intelligence (AI) to paint the principal as a racist. He was arrested at the airport while checking regulations for flying with firearms. Pikesville High School (PHS) Principal Eric Eiswart was fired and faced a barrage of harassment after an […]

Reactions to Associated Press framing illegal immigrant murder as toxic masculity

For a recent article in which the Associated Press attempted to dismiss the undocumented immigrant murder suspect in the brutal murder of Laken Hope Riley, instead blaming the brutal killing on toxic masculinity. Killed online. The Associated Press announced on Saturday. article Title: “The murder of a running nursing student highlights the fear of being […]

Jesse Watters Says Framing Of Hunter Allegations As ‘Father Loving His Drug-Addicted Son’ Is ‘Psychological Warfare’

Fox News host Jesse Watters targeted his eldest son, Hunter Biden, during a monologue on Monday’s “Jesse Watters Primetime.” Watters attacked Hunter over allegations related to foreign dealings. He claimed Hunter and his father, President Joe Biden, were shielded from surveillance by complicit media. “The cat-and-mouse game has to stop. The White House continues to […]

Six Former Police Officers Plead Guilty To Torturing, Framing Two Black Men

Six former Mississippi state police officers pleaded guilty Monday to state charges of torturing two black men in January 2023. Brett McAlpin, Hunter Elward, Christian Dedmon, Jeffrey Middleton, Daniel Opdike, Joshua Hartfield underwent warrantless raid on Rankin’s home Michael Corey Jenkins and Eddie Terrell Parker pleaded guilty to assault, conspiracy and obstruction of justice for […]