Space ‘Most Important Frontier of Our Generation’

Space is “the most important frontier of our generation,” and it’s especially important for the U.S. to lead in this field, said the head of the Odysseus lunar module, which is currently reportedly landing on the moon. said investor Michael Lucas. Breitbart News Saturday. “I’m honored to be a part of this great team and […]

US Woman Charged After Pulling Her Pants And Underwear Down On Frontier Airlines Flight

The incident occurred in November 2023. (Representative photo) A Frontier Airlines passenger has been charged with indecency after he allegedly pulled down his pants and underwear, swore at flight attendants and threatened to kill his fellow new york post, Dulce Huertas, 60, had two cocktails on a flight from Orlando to Philadelphia last November, […]

Multi-nation agreement seeks cooperation on development of ‘frontier’ AI tech

The United States and other countries have signed a “Frontier” Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cooperation and Communication Agreement aimed at limiting the risks posed by artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in the coming years. “We urge all parties involved to measure and monitor potentially harmful capabilities and associated impacts that may emerge, in particular to prevent abuse, […]

Frontier flight from Denver returns to airport after odor overcomes cockpit

Frontier Airlines CEO Barry Biffle joins ‘Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street’ as government holds airlines responsible for 60% of cancellations from October to December 2021 Discuss the new report from the Board of Audit. On Tuesday, a Frontier Airlines flight from Denver to Raleigh, North Carolina, returned to the Mile High City about 40 minutes after […]

Umpire gets ejected in bizarre Frontier League episode

The sign-stealing accusation eventually led to a series of bizarre events, including the referee’s ejection at a Frontier League game in New York. It all happened during Sunday’s game between the New York Boulders and the Tri-City Valleycats, when the visiting Valleycats accused the Boulders of stealing signs on camera in centerfield in the first […]

Gender Ideology for Children ‘Latest Frontier’ of Attacks on Family

Senator Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview in West Palm Beach, Fla., that the Left “doesn’t like the nuclear family” and wants to instill gender ideology in children to “break down centers of resistance.” “Power. “They can again defeat the centers of resistance. They hate the nuclear family. The left has […]

New video shows woman shoving flight attendant on diverted Frontier plane

A new video has surfaced showing the foul-mouthed catfight between two women who forced a Frontiers airliner to make an emergency landing, with one of them seen having sex with a flight attendant. clip TMZ got It shows flight attendants desperately trying to restore order on Flight 2143 after a chaos en route from Philadelphia […]