‘Very Polite Bear’ Breaks Into 5 California Homes, Steals Frozen Chicken

On Thursday, a “very polite” but very unexpected intruder broke into five homes in Southern California. The large animal broke into Laurie DeBolt’s home looking for meat, DeBolt said. Police used pepper balls and loud horns to chase the hungry bear, which had been ravaging the Sierra Madre area, back into the woods, WCJB reported. […]

Don’t expect the frozen race between Trump, Biden to thaw any time soon 

The 2024 election has been a hot topic of conversation after conversation: indictments, convictions, revelations, gaffes, and the imminent demise (some say) of democracy. But over the past six months, the polls for President Biden and President Donald Trump have barely changed. At best, the polls have wavered. The election campaign has been dominated by […]

G7 agrees on $50 billion loan for Ukraine from frozen Russian assets

Ukraine’s backers have agreed to advance a $50 billion loan to Kiev, funded by profits from frozen Russian assets in Europe and the United States, Group of Seven leaders announced on Thursday. The agreement marks a major achievement for President Biden, as the United States spearheads efforts to get a broad group of Ukraine supporters […]

G7 To Use Frozen Russian Assets To Send $50 Billion Aid To Ukraine

G7 leaders had been aiming to agree on how to use frozen Russian central bank assets. Paris: G7 leaders have agreed to use frozen Russian assets to provide Ukraine with $50 billion by the end of the year, the French presidency announced on Wednesday. “We have agreed,” a presidential administration official said ahead of Thursday’s […]

Mary Mahoney’s on the hook for passing off frozen, imported fish as local

Something fishy was going on at a popular seafood restaurant in Mississippi. Federal prosecutors have charged that Mary Mahoney’s Old French House, a popular restaurant in the fishing hub of Biloxi, misrepresented foreign frozen seafood as local from the Gulf Coast for years. Mary Mahoney’s pleaded guilty Thursday to falsely labeling seafood and wire fraud, […]

G7 Talks Plans to Use Frozen Russian Assets to Fund Ukraine War

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — Finance officials from the Group of Seven advanced democracies say they are close to an agreement on a U.S. proposal to squeeze more money for Ukraine from Russian assets frozen in their countries, but ministers left it to hammer out a final deal before their leaders meet in June. “Discussions are […]