SpaceX postpones debut flight of Starship rocket, citing frozen valve

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has canceled the much-anticipated debut launch of its newly combined Starship cruise ship and super heavy rocket in the final minutes of the countdown as a valve froze, delaying unmanned test flights by at least two days. The two-stage rocket ship, taller than the 394-foot-tall Statue of Liberty, will initially launch from […]

Mainers cut out 1,776-foot ice disk in frozen lake, set new world record

Volunteers moved large circles across the frozen lake, claiming a world record in a category most people don’t know existed: the largest ice carousel. At 1,776 feet in diameter and weighing an estimated 146,000 tons, the gigantic piece of ice moved slowly like a lazy Susan, cheering, yelling and high-fiving Saturday. The northern Maine icebuster […]

Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Star Josh Gad Blames Transgender Mass Shooter on Republicans

Disney’s frozen Star Josh Gad has blamed Republicans for the transgender shooting that killed six people at a Christian school in Nashville on Monday, saying, “Republicans have decided guns are more important than children.” “They decided it was fine,” he added. to let the children die. “ “Republicans have decided that guns are more important […]

FDA recalls frozen organic strawberries sold at Trader Joe’s and Costco

Frozen organic strawberries sold at several popular grocery stores, including Trader Joe’s and Costco, were recalled by the FDA on Friday after the fruit was linked to multiple hepatitis A cases. department said At least five people in Washington State have been diagnosed with highly contagious liver infections after eating the product. “Based on epidemiological […]

Dead, frozen shark found on Cape Cod beach during cold spell

A dead, partially frozen shark washed up on a frozen beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts over the weekend. A local photographer was strolling along a beach called Dennis’ Cold Storage Beach around 2:30 pm when he came across the body. Photographer Amie Medeiros snapped a photo of the shark lying on the icy sand and […]