Kendall Jenner spotted at Bad Bunny’s concert, fueling reconciliation rumors

Kendall Jenner is giving an update on Bad Bunny. The 28-year-old “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star was spotted having fun in the crowd at the Keeping Up with the Kardashians concert in Orlando, Florida on Friday night, confirming that they are back together after their split in December 2023. There was a lot of […]

Investigate Reports of China, Cuba Fueling Anti-Israel Protests in U.S.

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz says communist China and Cuba are directly funding radical left-wing organizations to incite anti-Israel and anti-American protests across the United States. There is a need to investigate reports of funding and influence, and pointed out the purpose of such external funding. Subversive movements aim to cause chaos, weaken the country […]

Red states are fueling a public school exodus 

A new spirit of secession is tearing our country apart. Republicans are building a coalition of red states that can impose their own laws and social mores against the national majority. To take the most obvious example, Americans strongly oppose Prohibition of doesn’t stop 21 states controlled by Republicans No law can be passed […]

Donald Trump Slams Biden Donors Fueling Anti-Israel Protests

Former President Donald Trump on Monday highlighted that donors to President Joe Biden are fueling anti-Israel protests at many U.S. universities. Authorities have arrested more than 2,100 people amid growing protests across the United States. “It turns out that Columbia University has canceled its commencement ceremony.” [ceremony]” Trump told reporters before entering the Manhattan courthouse. […]

Biden admin cracks down on power plants fueling nation’s grid

The Biden administration on Thursday finalized long-awaited regulations to crack down on existing and future fossil fuel-fired power plants as part of a broader climate change response. The rule covers all coal-fired power plants and future natural gas power plants, EPA and White House officials said in a joint statement. Officials say the regulations will […]

Surging car insurance rates squeezing drivers, fueling inflation

Relentless increases in car insurance premiums are putting pressure on car owners and fueling inflation. Auto insurance premiums rose 2.6% in March, up 22% from a year earlier. Premiums have been rising steadily since 2022, even as consumer-level inflation has cooled steadily from a peak of 9.1% in mid-year. Consumers received some relief as the […]

Adams, NYPD blame ‘outside agitators’ for fueling anti-Israel protests at Columbia, NYU

Mayor Eric Adams and New York City police leaders blamed “outside agitators” for fanning the flames of anti-Israel protests at Columbia University and New York University as police made more arrests. Adams, a Democrat and former police officer, praised the NYPD’s response during his usual Tuesday news conference at City Hall. “We cannot have outside […]

Biden’s Title IX rules are a victory for powerful teacher unions fueling Dem campaigns

The Biden administration’s action to finalize the revised Title IX regulations marks a victory for the powerful teachers unions that have fueled Democrats’ 2024 campaign. On Friday morning, the Department of Education finalized comprehensive new Title IX regulations that “strengthen important protections” against sexual harassment and prevent discrimination based on gender identity. The regulations repeal […]

Gas, housing and car insurance costs soar, fueling inflation in March

March inflation rates showed gas, home and auto insurance to rise for another month (iStock) A stronger-than-expected rise in consumer prices in March pushed up inflation and gave the Federal Reserve more reason to delay cutting interest rates. On an annualized basis, prices rose 3.5% in March, higher than last month’s 3.2% rise and also […]