Nikki Haley fumbled an easy chance to explain slavery, her home state and GOP history

Ambassador Nikki Haley, a former South Carolina governor and front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, said this week that the cause of the Civil War was “how government is run…freedom, and what people can do and what they can do.” “Isn't it possible?” I don't. ” She fumbled, laughing that the rather undemanding question was […]

Airline fumbled Patriots deal, nearly grounding team: suit

They should have called the New York Jets. The New England Patriots are suing busy airline Eastern Airlines for more than $22 million, alleging the company attempted to settle the team’s flights by charging them extra fees just before the preseason kickoff. It’s happening. Pat claims he was deliberately suspended when Eastern Airlines – which […]

Biden diminished Zelensky, fumbled the ball in NATO’s Vilnius meeting

In Vilnius, Lithuania, NATO has entered the pivotal fourth quarter of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s War for Survival against Russia. President Joe Biden unfortunately failed football. Rather than hardening Zelensky in the eyes of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin cronies and chatters, Biden actually undermined Zelensky. In my 2014 book Mission: War Secretary’s […]

Joe Biden fumbled US coronation precedent, historian says

President Biden continued a long American tradition by skipping the coronation of Charles III. In the 247 years since America declared its independence from the crown, no American president has attended the coronation of a British monarch. For decades it was primarily a matter of practicality.Revolutionary animosity towards England faded by 1821, when George IV […]


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