South Koreans Struggle Through Four-Day Funerals Due to Crematorium Shortage

Korean population crisis The world's lowest birth rate is to blame, but there are also problems at the other end of the life cycle, according to Tuesday's report. Korea JoongAng Ilbo (KJD) report Families in South Korea say they are having trouble cremating the dead because crematoriums have limited capacity and the number of deaths […]

Pentagon Gives More Leave for Abortion than Parents’ Funerals, Uses Dem Euphemism, Then Says We’re Political

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) said Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Ingraham Angle” that he opposes the administration’s abortion travel policy, which would give Americans more time off for travel. He accused the Republican Party of politicizing the military and criticized the Biden administration. There are more abortions than parents’ funerals. He also criticized the White […]

Police warn of alarming crime trend at funerals, car washes

Brazen car thieves target victims in unlikely places like car washes and funerals as police warn drivers to stay vigilant. The Nassau County Police Department posted a warning on Facebook saying, “Watch out for suspicious people near your vehicle.” Police around New York City say thieves are roaming car washes targeting luxury cars. The perpetrators […]


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