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Biden campaign downplays gaffes: He’s been making them ‘for 40 years’

President Joe Biden‘s campaign quipped that the president has been making verbal missteps his entire career when quizzed on mistakes he made during the 75th NATO summit. “Joe Biden has been making gaffes for 40 years. He made a couple last night. He’ll probably continue to do so,” Biden campaign communications director Michael Tyler told […]

‘Great Job, Joe!’: Donald Trump Mocks Biden’s Gaffes At Solo Press Conference

Former President Donald Trump mocked Gov. Joe Bide’s gaffe during a solo press conference Thursday night. Trump appeared on Truth Social in the middle of a roughly hour-long press conference that followed growing calls within Biden’s party for him to drop out. Trump began by criticizing Biden’s “big boy” press conferences, as the Biden campaign […]

Joe Biden defiant despite gaffes at Nato press conference as he battles calls to stand aside | Joe Biden

During a crucial press conference that could determine the outcome of the presidential election, Joe Biden courageously defended his foreign policy record despite being bombarded with questions about his mental health and, in another gaffe, mistakenly referred to Kamala Harris as “Vice President Trump.” Biden spoke extensively about tough foreign policy issues, including competition with […]

‘Didn’t Do Him Any Favors’: Medical Expert Calls Out Media For Describing Biden’s ‘Memory Lapses’ As ‘Gaffes’

Dr. Marc Siegel on Monday criticized the media for what he said was their inaccurate characterization of President Joe Biden’s “lapses” as “gaffes.” Corporate media’s years-long endeavor to suppress questions about Biden’s mental fitness faced a substantial setback after the president’s recent debate with former President Donald Trump. Siegel on “Fox & Friends” particularly noted […]

Biden’s horrific debate performance made worse by multiple lies and gaffes

Critics of former President Donald Trump are always quick to challenge the veracity of the Republican’s statements, but President Biden told multiple lies during Thursday night’s presidential debate, even as he remained consistent in his comments. Here are the Commander in Chief’s biggest lies and gaffes. No soldiers were killed. Biden said: “I am the […]

White House Scrubs Joe Biden’s Transcript of Nine Embarrassing Errors, Gaffes

President Joe Biden’s aides have corrected nine gaffes in a transcript of his speech on Sunday, raising concerns about his suitability as president. White House issued A Daily Caller analysis found that there were a total of 148 amendments to his speaking record between January and April. Biden, described by special counsel Robert Hur as […]