Democrat-Run California About to Get Hit with 50 Cent per Gallon Gas Tax

Today on “Getting What You Vote For,” California dummies are about to be hit with a 50-cent-per-gallon gas tax. Let’s not forget that California voters handed full control over the former Golden State to Democrats. The Democratic Party runs everything from the governor’s office. Democrats not only have a majority in the state legislature, they […]

California gas prices nearing $7 a gallon has San Diego drivers grumbling

Gas prices in California have historically been higher than in many other parts of the United States, but have recently climbed well above $6 a gallon and as high as $7 in some areas. This is much higher than the current national average of $3.96. Y chart by chart. Rising gas prices are forcing many […]

Gas prices in Los Angeles soar to more than $6 a gallon

A regular gallon of gas costs an average of more than $6 in parts of the Los Angeles area, while reduced oil supplies are putting pressure on U.S. motorists, with prices reaching $7 in parts of California on Tuesday. did. This is the first time since October of last year that gas prices in Los […]

Sheetz lowered gas to $1.776 per gallon in major Fourth of July discount

GasBuddy’s head of oil analysis, Patrick De Haan, says the average national gas price is down $1 from last year. Sheetz stores celebrated Independence Day by cutting gas prices to commemorate the year the Declaration of Independence was signed. By charging just $1.776 a gallon for nearly all gasoline blends, the gas station hopes to […]

Sheetz pumps gas for $1.776 per gallon in Fourth of July discount

Convenience store chain Sheets is offering customers patriotic discounts at gas stations for Independence Day. The Pennsylvania-based company Tuesday sold gasoline at $1.776 a gallon in more than 600 stores, about 50% below the national average. The promotion applies to regular, E85 (flex fuel), unleaded 88, intermediate and premium fuel grades all day, according to […]

CBP agents discover gallon of Philadelphia-bound codeine syrup disguised as glycerin

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents in Pennsylvania stole a gallon of codeine syrup disguised as vegetable glycerin. CBP officials announced the discovery of the opioid on Friday. A package from England was being sent to an address in Philadelphia. The parcel arrived in the US on June 13th. CBP agents found six suspicious […]