Mother Accused of Leaving Young Daughters for Hours to Drink, Gamble

Texas mother sued for leaving young daughters home for hours to go gambling and drinking, KPRC 2 Houston report Tuesday. The report, citing information from the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, said, “While their mothers were out for 10 to 12 hours, children ages 3 and 5 were left home with no food and exterior […]

Hadley Gamble and Saudi royal family at Cannes Film Festival

Former CNBC Middle East anchor Hadley Gamble, who was ousted after an affair with NBC Universal CEO Jeff Shell, attended the Cannes Film Festival as a guest of the Saudi royal family, according to online reports. Gamble was photographed at the premiere of the French-language film Jeanne du Barry, starring Johnny Depp as Louis XV. […]

Hadley Gamble complaint alleged former CNBC exec called her the ‘C-word’

CNBC reporter Hadley Gamble claimed her cable news network boss called her the “C-ward.” This is another startling allegation that was part of the sexual harassment complaint that led to NBCUniversal boss Jeff Schell’s shocking departure, a source told her The Post. The complaint cites former CNBC vice president and international editor Patrick Allen as […]

Hadley Gamble had relationship with Tom Barrack, sparking NBC probe

Hadley Gamble — the CNBC reporter who resigned from the media mogul this week over an “improper relationship” with NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell — is also romantically involved with California billionaire Tom Barack. The Post learned that they were in a relationship, which triggered an internal investigation into the network. Gambling romance with 76-year-old Barack […]

Fired NBCUniversal boss Jeff Shell forfeits $43M payout over Hadley Gamble scandal

Outcast NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell is missing a huge payday after being fired following sexual harassment complaints from CNBC anchor Hadley Gamble, parent company Comcast said in an SEC filing Friday. clarified in Shell has forfeited its vested and unvested stock options, which have an “estimated fair value of $43.3 million as of the termination […]

Hadley Gamble also linked to TPG head amid Jeff Shell affair

The TV presenter who took down NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell also had a romantic entanglement with the married Texas buyout mogul. Hadley Gamble — a CNBC correspondent who was revealed to be a woman who had an “improper relationship” with Shell for more than a decade until 2019 — was killed around the same time […]

CNBC anchor Hadley Gamble accuses fired NBCUniversal boss Jeff Shell of sexual harassment

NBCUniversal boss Jeff Shell has been ousted after CNBC International anchor Hadley Gamble formally accused the CEO of sexual harassment, a lawyer for Gamble confirmed in a statement Monday. Shell’s shocking dismissal came on Sunday after Married Network’s Honcho admitted to having an “inappropriate relationship with a woman at the company.” Comcast, NBCUniversal’s parent company, […]

Procter & Gamble profits from 10% price hike amid inflation

U.S. shoppers are paying higher prices for everyday items like Tide detergent, Gillette razors and Oral-B toothpaste, according to results released Friday. The consumer goods giant said it raised prices by 10% across its various brands for the three months ended March 31. The biggest rises affected products in the fabric and home care categories. […]

Anthony Richardson is the 2023 NFL Draft’s biggest gamble

The first in a series of 11 episodes. Coming tomorrow: running back. Prospects will drop your jaw. Prospect is a quarterback who can throw a football 100 yards. The prospects are big, strong and fast. Prospect forces you to dream about what he could or could become, even if that vision is years away. Sometimes […]