Mets’ Edwin Diaz suspended 10 games for sticky-stuff violation

Edwin Diaz was punished on Monday and the Mets could be short on personnel for the next 10 games. Diaz was suspended 10 games by the league’s senior vice president of field operations, Michael Hill, a day after he was ejected for violating MLB’s foreign body rules following an umpire’s test. The Mets closer was […]

The Mets are once again playing important games

Something interesting happened in Arlington, Texas on Wednesday night: For the first time in 619 days, the New York Mets played what could be called a “significant” game. What’s even crazier is that nobody noticed it before or while it was happening — even when the NBA’s seven-game winning streak came to an end with […]

Charles Leclerc joins Olympic torch relay ahead of Paris Summer Games

With just over a month to go until the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, the Olympic flame has begun its journey to the opening ceremony. And on Tuesday, the Olympic torch relay took on an F1-like atmosphere. Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc was one of the people chosen to carry the torch in the Principality as […]

MLB games being ruined by broadcasting gimmicks

Watching the Yankees and Mets on TV used to be as easy as Scooter Rizzuto pie, but now it’s as complicated and stressful as pie. As you may know, pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, calculated by dividing the length of the circle by its circumference. As a decimal, pi […]

Bizarre choice of players, merch used to promote Mets’ London games

That’s not really surprising. As the Mets and Phillies prepare to meet back-to-back this week as part of the London Series, an eagle-eyed Mets fan’s X-post revealed an unusual advertisement for the event. A poster outside the New Era Carnaby store in London advertised the series, which features an unlikely trio of Mets relief pitchers: […]

Olympic Rings On Eiffel Tower Unveiled Ahead Of Paris 2024 Games

Pieces of steel taken from the Eiffel Tower are also being used to make parts of the Paris 2024 medal. (File) Paris, France: Paris 2024 organisers on Friday unveiled a display of the Olympic rings on the Eiffel Tower, with just 50 days to go until the Summer Games open in the French capital. The […]

Lifetime Ban Looms For Padres Infielder Tucupita Marcano For Allegedly Betting On MLB Games

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that Major League Baseball (MLB) is currently investigating player Tucupita Marcano for allegedly violating the league’s strict gambling rules. The 24-year-old Venezuelan player could be banned for life depending on the outcome of an ongoing investigation. according to The investigation into Marcano, an infielder for the San Diego Padres, […]